US survey shows consumers still in dark about many EV aspects

Ascend Elements, a US-based engineered materials and lithium-ion battery recycling company, recently released consumer survey results on electric vehicles (EVs) and EV-battery recycling.

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Some of the most surprising finds were that nearly half of US consumers mistakenly believe EV batteries aren’t recyclable. Another widely held misconception by more than 37% of Americans is that they do not know that recycled lithium-ion battery materials can be used to make new EV batteries.

From the survey, it has also transpired that American consumers have increasingly become more positive about EVs over the past three years. 46% say EVs will outsell gasoline-powered cars in their lifetime, 59% say EVs are better for the environment than fuel-powered cars and 59% say EVs will save them money over the lifetime of the vehicle.

Other interesting finds that were reported include:

  • 40% US consumers think lithium-ion EV batteries aren’t really “greener”
  • 50% say that owning an EV would mean long waiting periods in long queues at charging stations
  • 53% are under the impression that EVs are more expensive to have repaired
  • 47% think that EVs will be an unbearable burden on the power grid
  • 41% think EVs are too small and slow compared to their gasoline counterparts
  • 51% say EVs don’t offer as much range as fuel-powered vehicles
  • 54% are concerned about how EV batteries will be disposed of
  • 48% think EVs will cause toxic landfills full of old lithium-ion batteries
  • 40% think EV batteries are more dangerous than the fuel in internal combustion engines
  • 38% think EV battery materials are sourced using questionable mining techniques

(A sample of 1004 consumers were surveyed concerning their beliefs surrounding battery technology and EVs.)

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