Stellantis full speed on the way to Dare Forward 2030 plan

Stellantis says it is on track and full steam ahead on the way to achieving its goals set out in the company’s Dare Forward plan.

23 Stellantis Plan1

The strategic plan, announced in September last year, shows the direction for the next ten years for Stellantis Middle East and Africa (MEA).

It contains the detailed strategy that will see Stellantis take the lead in market share, customer experience and energy transition.

In September 2022, Stellantis MEA announced its contribution to the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan with a bold strategy in the industrial, commercial, product, digitisation, aftermarket and purchasing fields.

The MEA region’s ambition is to become the market leader in its area by 2030 with over one million vehicles sold by consolidating its position in the Mediterranean Crown and the French Overseas Territories achieving above 30% market share and by ramping up in the Middle East, South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa with a market share above 12%.-

Samir Cherfan (Stellantis Chief Operating Officer for Middle East and Africa).

“Middle East and Africa is a wide and promising region with a high growth potential. Stellantis is committed to helping develop the automotive industry across the region and is investing to strengthen its footprint to answer to the evolving mobility needs of its customers.

“Thanks to the strong engagement of its employees and partners, Stellantis is advancing at full speed in achieving its Dare Forward 2030 Strategic Plan,” says Samir Cherfan, Stellantis Chief Operating Officer for Middle East and Africa.

Regarding South Africa, when it comes to the industrial side of the plan, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to manufacture vehicles in South Africa was signed. The MoU will Strengthen the position of Stellantis in the South African market with the manufacturing project to be completed by 2025.

On the commercial side of the business in South Africa, Stellantis is responding to local needs with an adapted range of products and mobility solutions such as Peugeot Landtrek and Smart car future launches.

Thus far a total of 11 launches were held in 77 markets in 2022 from which 2 new EV and 2 new PHEV models were introduced.

The digitisation part of the plan includes 10 new platforms launched in Israel, Turkey and GCC, and 3 data management platforms launched in GCC, Israel and Turkey. The exclusive online launch of Citroen Ami and Alfa Romeo in Turkey were sold out within one hour. At the launch of Peugeot 408, the whole online stock was sold out in few minutes.

When it comes to the aftermarket, Stellantis had a good dynamic growth in all MEA markets with +17% sales growth in 2022 vs 2021.

To support the sales growth, the expansion of a multi-brand distribution network and a Eurorepar Car Service chain are planned.

On the purchasing and sourcing side, the improvement of Stellantis sourcing in the Middle East and Africa was measured by an increase of 30%. Mature supplier bases were developed in Morocco and Turkey while expanding with three new bases in Algeria, Egypt and South Africa.

For the record, the Stellantis Middle East and Africa strategy to reach by 2030, includes:

Over 22% Market Share.

Over 25 % LEV Mix.

Over 12% Adjusted Operating Margin.

Around 55 launches.

A self-sourcing rate above 70%.

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