Motify™, a new but well-known player, arrives

The coming together of two well-known forces in the vehicle retail sector will in future not only benefit dealerships, but also their customers.

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The well-known Pinewood DMS SA has merged its operation selling the powerful Pinewood Dealer Management System with the after-sales services and marketing supplier Ampersand Communications to create MotifyTM – an end-to-end service provider for South African automotive dealers.

MotifyTM represents the culmination of months of intensive hard work consolidating these two businesses to ultimately offer a more comprehensive range of services without disrupting its service delivery to dealers that are currently using either business.

Both businesses are well-known in the motor industry, especially in the retail space where their operations are crucial to the effective day to day running of vehicle dealerships.

Julie Caldicott, Managing Director of Motify™.

Pinewood DMS SA services more than 30 manufacturers with their dealership operating systems focusing among other things on vehicle sales, parts, the workshop and accounts, together integrating these different divisions for a lean and effective running of a dealership.

Ampersand is known for the value-add services to automotive dealerships across South Africa with the focus on customer satisfaction and retention, marketing and brand-strategy development.

With a shared vision of transforming the automotive industry through service delivery and by merging these two operations, MotifyTM believes it can accelerate this vision.

“MotifyTM will, in addition to the traditional Pinewood DMS offering, have access to a broader set of value-add services. Among the additional offerings, MotifyTM will provide, as part of this consolidated operation, are processing consultancy, proactive workshop bookings, after-sales marketing campaigns, business intelligence (BI), and API-integrated website development,” says Julie Caldicott, Managing Director of MotifyTM.

A new dawn bringing more added value for dealerships is here with the launch of Motify.

“At a time when all business sectors are undergoing radical digital transformation, the automotive sector cannot afford to be left behind. MotifyTM will help dealerships and service centres accelerate their digital transformation efforts by making their digital offerings easier to use, more integrated, and increasingly customer centric. Ultimately, that will mean increased satisfaction for your customers further building their trust and loyalty for all their vehicle needs.”

Julie says MotifyTM has the potential to fundamentally transform the way auto-dealerships operate and to put people at the heart of the industry.

Ultimately, MotifyTM is not only about a better service, but a more comprehensive service.

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