Milestone for FAW Trucks in SA

The Chinese FAW Trucks, which are produced locally, achieved a milestone by becoming the top-selling heavy commercial vehicle brand in South Africa during the months of January and February this year.

0016 FAW Generic J5 N Range 1200x678 V03

Currently with a solid sales figure of around 160 units a month, it outperforms various well-known Japanese and European brands.

FAW Trucks have been assembling medium, heavy and extra-heavy trucks in South Africa since 2014.

“The reason for our continued growth and success in South Africa is that we cater for virtually every need,” explains Jianyu Hao, CEO of FAW South Africa. “With a host of different engine capacities, payload allowances and body options on offer, big and small businesses can rely on our products to get the job done.”

The ranges available are:

  • The freight carrier range:

The 6.130FL (3.5 tonnes) is the smallest commercial vehicle with a body and payload of 4.7 tonnes and a Cummins ISF 2.8-litre common-rail diesel engine, followed by the 8.140FL (5 tonnes) that competes in the HCV segment with a body and payload of 6 tonnes and Euro 3 Cummins ISF 3.8-litre engine.

Then follows the 15.180FL (8 tonnes) with a body and payload of 9.8 tonnes and a Euro 2-compliant 6.6 litre, six-cylinder, in-line turbocharged engine and FAW’s largest freight carrier with 17 tonnes, the J5N 28.290FL (13.5 tonnes), using a 9.7 litre, six-cylinder Weichai WP10 diesel engine that is turbocharged and intercooled.

  • The truck tractors range:

The 15.180FT 4x2 is fitted with the same engine, transmission and braking system as the 15.180FL (8 tonnes) freight carrier. Specification levels are also the same.

The J5N 28.380FT 6x4 is like the J5N 28.290FL (13.5 se capacity, transmission and braking system.

One step up is the J5N 33.420FT 6x4. This model has a fully synchro-meshed 12-speed manual transmission with a 11.6 litre, six-cylinder WP12 diesel engine that is turbocharged and intercooled, and with a 600-litre fuel tank.

The largest of the truck tractors from FAW Trucks – the JH6 28.500FT – is a long hauler with a 13-litre, six-cylinder common-rail turbocharged and intercooled diesel power plant that produces 370 kW at 1 800 rpm and has 2 300 Nm of peak torque on tap at 1 400 rpm.

  • The tipper trucks range:

First in the line-up is the 8.140FD, offering all the same features as the 8.140FL (5 tonnes) freight carrier. Then comes the 15.180FD similar specked to the 15.180FL (8 tonnes) freight carrier and the 15.180FT 4x2 truck tractor.

The J5N 28.290FD is better suited to more challenging applications. It resembles the J5N 28.290FL (13.5 tonnes) freight carrier and the J5N 28.380FT 6x4 truck tractor in terms of its engine, transmission and braking system.

Then follows the J5N 33.340FD with a 9.7 litre, six-cylinder, Weichai WP10 diesel engine and the J5N 35.340FD with its full floating ergonomically designed sleeper cab, the only difference being its larger tipper.

  • Mixer trucks:

Both the J5N 33.340FC (6 cubic metres) and the J5N 35.340FC (8 cubic metres) have 9.726 cc, six-cylinder, in-line Weichai WP10 diesel engines that are turbocharged and intercooled. The mixer bodies are manufactured from durable 4/750 GJ material, and the water tanks are aluminium alloy.

For added peace of mind when purchasing any of these 15 derivatives, FAW Trucks has a large parts warehouse at its premises in Spartan, from where it supplies the four main regions in Gauteng, Durban, Harrismith and Cape Town.

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