MasterDrive shows care for employees, families

Different companies in the motor industry have stepped up to face the challenges COVID-19 presents since its arrival by assisting employees and others who have been and might be impacted by the pandemic.

National cancer institute Bx Xg TQ Ew1 M4 unsplash caring for the community

According to the CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, the fact that many more individuals were affected by this wave, was felt much closer to home than before as well. This encouraged him and his team to distribute care packages to needy families.

“Individuals that many employees knew and even some of our own employees were affected. As a company, we were very fortunate to escape the transmission of COVID-19 up until this wave. We were still fortunate in that the virus did not spread through the company but was transferred through loved ones.

“At the height of the third wave, the strain that this placed on all sectors of society was evident. The ease of transmission of the Delta variant leaves entire homes infected. Pharmacies and grocery delivery services were inundated, and life was difficult for the many families falling ill during the third wave.”

MasterDrive Care Packages for its employees and family members affected by COVID-19

MasterDrive wanted to take steps to show their support for employees and other families affected. “It was for this reason that we made ‘MasterDrive Care Packages’. In this we added some common medications used to treat the virus. We included some healthy snack options that would be easy to prepare when you feel under the weather. There were also some treats and chocolates for an endorphin boost to help all get through the difficult time they were facing.

“It was a small gesture on our part, and we did not expect the gratitude expressed. Some employees noted that some of their medication was about to run out and the four-day waiting period that pharmacies had at that point would have created difficulties for them. In turn, we were extremely grateful that we could provide this source of relief to some families.”

The third wave is not yet over, and we can expect more people to be affected by the virus. “If you do encounter someone who is affected, keep in mind some of the challenges these individuals and their families may be facing and try to be that source of relief and comfort for them.

“We are experiencing a difficult period in South Africa where empathy and kindness can go a long way in helping each other through it,” Eugene concludes.

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