Ford offers armoured Ranger models through local dealer network

Ford Motor Company and SVI have introduced the first OEM-approved armouring solution for its range of locally produced Ford Ranger pick-ups.

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The local tie-up means that the range of armoured Rangers can be ordered from any Ford dealership and that all conversions carry the full Ford mechanical warranty. Ford will also finance an armoured Ranger through Ford Credit, in partnership with Absa Vehicle and Asset Finance.

The Ranger is available on order with three distinct levels of armour. The first is a B4-level of protection, which will stop attacks from handguns up to a .44 Magnum. SVI says that this level of armouring adds 280 kg in weight to a Ranger Double Cab (the additional weight will be less on a Single and Super Cab) and takes eight weeks from date of order.

The higher B6 protection level uses steel armoured plates instead of the lighter Kevlar on the B4 level and adds around 650 kg to a Ranger Double Cab. This level of protection takes 12 weeks and will stop assault rifles, including the infamous AK-47.

In both B4 and B6-levels, the armouring is discreet, which means that the windows can open at least partially and that it is difficult to detect the armouring on the vehicle.

The Ford ranger can now be ordered with two levels of armouring from a local Ford dealership.

While the B4 and B6 levels of protection will find favour with individuals and businesses alike, SVI and Ford have also introduced a third level of protection – called STOPGUN V2.0. This non-discreet armouring uses fixed armour plating and armoured glass and is clearly visible on the windows and it takes a mere two weeks from date or order.

The non-discreet armouring option is ideal for cash-in-transit businesses and security services and it will also add around 650 kg in the double cab application. All three levels of armouring are available on all Ranger models, and while the focus remains on the bakkie, SVI can also armour other Ford vehicles like the Transit and Everest under warranty.

Since its launch, SVI has reported an influx of orders from dealers for armoured Rangers. It will also continue with its armouring programme of all other locally manufactured vehicles and many imported vehicles, although Ford remains the only brand to endorse it with a full warranty and local dealer support to date.

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