Event for Women with Drive

MasterDrive is hosting the fourth Women with Drive event since its beginnings in 2017 on 7 October this year.

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The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says it is encouraging to see the event at what it is now.

“Despite the fact that COVID-19 still prevents us from hosting it in person, the excitement, enthusiasm and immediate registration from many people indicate that the event has not been dimmed. We are proud that we successfully adapted with the times to ensure we could still bring this event to every person that anticipates it each year.

“As we face the second year of a virtual Woman with Drive event, we based our theme around this. Women with Drive – THRIVE, is this year's theme and honours women who succeeded and continued to grow and evolve despite the challenges thrown at them by COVID-19. These ladies have not waited around for the world to return to normal but decided to thrive in the world that exists right now."

This is not an easy task, and many people simply have not been able to do this. “For this reason, we decided to keep our traditional round table talk where a selected group of ladies can provide information on their experiences and what they did to be at the point they are at.

"We have a great selection of panellists this year who have plenty to share on how they have not only survived during this difficult time but thrived. The easy-going and natural flow of conversation between panellists is something viewers enjoy, and we are proud to bring it back again this year.”

Interactive and practical demonstrations and guides on pertinent issues during this time are included as well. "Following one of the most tragic waves South Africa has faced so far, grief is an issue that is now a part of many workplaces. A psychologist will address this reality and give guidance on how best to handle it when employees and colleagues have lost loved ones.

“Another issue of concern is that of gender-based violence. This is something that affects many women, particularly now as more time is spent at home and away from work, which is a safe haven for many. Our final speaker will provide a practical real-life demonstration that will ensure you are empowered to defend your personal safety."

The MasterDrive team is looking forward to another interesting, informative and practical Women with Drive event. "Let us not only celebrate our successes within the transport industry during Transport Month but also learn from each other so that we can all thrive.”

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