Chery takes customer convenience to new level with MyCheryCares

MyCheryCares is a unique innovation from Chery that combines a host of free service, chauffeur, maintenance and convenience features with every new Chery purchased.

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Henceforth, the features will be included for the first two years of ownership at no extra cost and can be extended to five years at a nominal fee.

“With MyCheryCares, we have identified all the small inconveniences that come with vehicle ownership and made them disappear, all without charging customers more,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa.

Liu explains that MyCheryCares groups a number of unique vehicle insurance and convenience products under one banner.

The first group of products is called MySurfacePlan. This range of products includes scratch repairs, tar removal, headlamp renewal and mag wheel repair, to name but a few.

MySurfacePlan allows a Chery owner to fix small dents and scratches, including damage to alloy wheels and even windscreen chips and cracks at no cost. This product range also includes an annual free wheel alignment service and a comprehensive Scotch Guard treatment for leather or fabric upholstery.

The range of MySurfacePlan features further include several other benefits not normally available on new vehicles, including odour removal (like pet, tobacco or mouldy smells) and a special annual air conditioning treatment that removes any possible bacteria or fungi in the air flow system.

Also included in the sale of every new Chery, is a range of convenient transport services grouped under MyTaxi, MyDriveHome and MyCourtesyCar.

Included in this range of products is a host of features such as a free taxi service for times when customers find themselves without their beloved Chery and a free rental vehicle when an owner’s Chery is in for repairs or longer services.

To add to these benefits, Chery has even included a free take-me-home service under MyDriveHome. This service is ideal for those occasions when an owner returns from a restaurant or work event and is concerned that he/she might have exceeded the legal alcohol consumption limit.

With MyDriveHome, Chery’s call centre will dispatch two drivers, with one driving the owner’s vehicle home. Using this service, the owner arrives home with their vehicle, but without any risk.

“To offer this comprehensive range of services, we have partnered with industry-leading service providers and trained a dedicated group of call centre staff. The staff members are on hand 24/7, and customers can book any of the MyCheryCares services by making a simple call or choosing the relevant option on the Chery App,” says Liu.

Liu explains that the MyCheryCares product range is governed, like any insurance or service product, by a range of conditions. For instance, services such as the free wheel alignment, odour care and leather treatment are available for free once every 12 months, while others are conditional on the state of the repair required.

Customers who already own a Chery can add the MyCheryCares package at a discount of 15% to the market-related cost, and all customers who purchase a vehicle from 1 February will receive the package at no cost for 2 years.

New customers who want more information or want to claim any of the features can call the Chery Call Centre on 010 753 1157.

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