Auto industry’s contribution to SA economy at a glance

At the maiden press conference of the inaugural SA Auto Week, Acting President of the National Association of Automotive Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA) and CEO of Toyota SA, Andrew Kirby, presented a summary of the auto industry’s contribution to the economy.

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Here are some of the most titillating statistics:

  • The auto industry is the single largest manufacturing sector of the economy with a 17,3% slice of the pie
  • The industry contributes 4,3% to the country’s GDP
  • The capital expenditure of the industry is R8,8 billion by OEMs and R5,7 billion by component manufacturers
  • OEMs employ 30 697 people monthly
  • SA’s vehicle production for 2021 stood at 499 087 units and its total sales for the same period were 464 493.
  • SA ranks at nr 21 in the global vehicle production ranks.
  • SA’s global vehicle production market share is 0,62%
  • The total automotive export earnings for the year in question was R207,5 billion.
  • 5347 new jobs were added by the industry between July 2021 and June 2022
  • There are 12,96 million registered vehicles in SA

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