Chery proves efficiency of PHEV models

To alleviate any new energy vehicle (NEV) range fears that might still exist, Chery recently put two of its flagship models through its paces in a real-life, long distance endurance test.

24 Chery Hy1

From 25 to 26 April Chery tested the endurance capability and long-distance driving performance of the Tiggo 9 PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) and the Arrizo 8 PHEV sedan over a meticulously planned course of 1 214km.

To ensure the that it gets tested under a variety of driving conditions, the journey would take the Tiggo 9 and Arrizo 8 from Beijing through the cultural city Jinan and the birthplace of Confucius, Qufu, before finally arriving in Wuhu in Anhui.

As it embarked from Beijing on 25 April, the vehicles’ low-speed driving and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) were first tested in tough, congested city conditions before the highways and open roads provided an opportunity to gauge the vehicle’s power and fuel efficiency over long distances.

The pairing of the Tiggo 9 and Arrizo 5’s 1.5TGDI fifth-gen hybrid-specific engine with its third-generation DHT hybrid transmission, perfectly rose to the occasion and ensured that the demanding driving conditions were met with efficient power output and easy, comfortable and convenient switching between power sources.

The models’ various ADAS such as adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane departure warning (LDW), automatic emergency braking (AEB) and blind spot detection (BSD), took it one step further and made sure the endurance test’s demands were not only met but conveniently mastered with the least amount of stress on the part of the driver.

It is worth noting that the advanced systems have been programmed to advance the PHEV models’ efficiency. This means that they do not simply help the driver to navigate tough traffic conditions, but do it in such a way that the vehicle remains in motion as much as possible and the drivetrain favours electric propulsion, especially in congested and slow-moving traffic conditions.

When the two models arrived at their destination on 26 April, all fears were put to rest.

For the Tiggo 9 with its remarkable 1 400 km range and supporting 20-minute rapid charging, the 1 214km endurance test turned into an endurance triumph.

The Arrizo 8 had equally efficient performance thanks to its blade-battery structure. It too completed with record low energy consumption.

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