Morgan Nissan Welkom celebrates long service

Ask any CEO or owner of a business what the greatest asset of the business is, and you will probably hear the cliché of our employees are our greatest asset, and while it is well intended, it rarely gets explained or unpacked.

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Not so for Managing Director of the Morgan Group, Hugh Morgan, who is proud to use the dealership he acquired 14 years ago, Morgan Nissan Welkom, as a perfect example of what it means when your employees are your greatest asset.

“Although it is a well-meaning and often used phrase, I suppose I don’t really like to compare my valuable employees to an asset,” he explains. “If possible, I like to have it more quantifiable, and when you have fourteen employees at one dealership with more than ten years’ service, you know that you are doing something right.”

Hugh Morgan Welkom
Employees at Morgan Nissan Welkom with more than ten years’ service are in front (l-r) Dewet Greyling, Hendrik Yawa, Lize-Mari Geyser, Stephen Makhakhe, George Fullegar, Leah Mokeretla and Shaun Breedt. At the back (l-r) Abe Konjo, Gladwin Nkagoang, Jaco Henning, Marie Baumgarten, Magdeline Selepe, Hestelle Scheepers and Jimmy Nthatsisi.

According to Morgan, the one thing he constantly sees in every aspect of the business is human effort. “Every employee forms an important and irreplaceable cog in our auto-industry, and if we can assure continuity with employees staying on, we can only be better in our service, our value proposition and the products we provide,” he said. “What makes me proud of the team is that eight of them have been with the dealership since day one.”

The following employees at Morgan Nissan Welkom have ten or more years’ service: Stephen Makhakhe (14 years), George Fullegar (14), Abe Konjo (14), Hestelle Scheepers (14), Jaco Henning (14), Dewet Greyling (14), Jimmy Nthatsisi (14), Gladwin Nkagoang (14), Hendrik Yawa (14), Leah Mokeretla (13), Magdeline Selepe (12), Lize-Mari Geyser (12), Shaun Breedt (10) and Marie Baumgarten (10).

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