• 18 May 2021

Absa Vehicle and Asset Finance - your trusted partner in vehicle finance and insurance

Absa Vehicle and Asset Finance has a comprehensive list of finance and insurance options and value added products on offer.

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The range of AVAF Value Added Products, finance and insurance options will help you best serve your customers, while optimising your dealership profitability.

For more on the range of AVAF Finance and Insurance products, please see below.

The range of idirect insurance options offer affordable options for each client. For more information on Absa Insurance, please click here: Absa Insurance Dealership brochure 2021

Lean more about the ways in which Absa has streamlined and optimised its insurance products in the video below.

There is real value in AVAF's range of value added products. These include Credit Protection, Extended Cover, Mechanical Breakdown Warranties with Roadside Assistance and Scratch and Dent protection. For a full list of Value Added Products on offer by AVAF, please click here: Absa AIC Warranties Value Added Products Brochure

AVAF is a major provider of vehicle financing solutions, which includes not only repayment and leasing products, but also Islamic Vehicle and Asset Finance options. For more, please have a look at: Vehicle and Asset Finance Brochure 2021

Running a successful dealership requires a number of banking solutions. Absa offers its customers a comprehensive range of Business Banking, Workplace Banking, Islamic Banking, Private Banking and Renewable Energy solutions. Read more here: Dealership Brochure 2021