Rola turns to experiential marketing with new off road track

Rola Motor City has turned to experiential marketing with the creation of an impressive off road track next to its facility in Somerset West.

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The Rola Motor City represents Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Mazda, Honda, and Jeep it it is specifically the off road products from the different brands that are drawing potential customers to the facility.

Off-road brands need an off-road track, so in co-operation with Craig Parsons, a specialist 4x4 trainer for the past 12 years, the group built a technical a 4x4 training track right next to its dealership. This track not only allows customers the ability to experience the capabilities of various off road vehicles on sale, but to receive the necessary training before heading out on holiday.

Says Craig: “Our courses will teach you the skills to get yourself out of trouble if you get stuck in the sand, mud or any other tricky off-road situation. Off-roading is totally different to ordinary driving on the road. Owners will learn how to handle their vehicle and drive with finesse on unforgiving terrain, going as slow as possible, but as fast as necessary.”

Various bakkies from different brands represented by Rola were on test during the dealer's 4x4 Bakkie Shootout.

Off-road and 4x4 training courses are offered by the Offroad4x4 Training Centre, and Rola Motors offers special days from time to time. The 4x4 days at the track are held frequently. The latest was at the end of October, which took the form of a bakkie shoot-out.

At the bakkie shoot-out, no less than eleven different vehicles were on test. Prospective customers were invited for a road test drive and be driven through the 4x4 Training Track to demonstrate the capability of the various off roaders.

At the moment the 4x4 training track is not open to the general public because of legal and logistic constraints, but it is open to current and potential Rola customers who what to buy a 4x4 vehicle. It is also used for special activity and training days.

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