Strada bakkie coming to sub-Saharan Africa

Against the background of the last “small” bakkie, the Nissan NP200, coming to the end of its life cycle, there is much speculation regarding which manufacturer will fill the gap. Fiat fired the first shots by announcing that its Strada bakkie will be introduced into the sub-Saharan Africa market.

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Without giving too many details, Fiat says the Strada, which is currently built in Brazil in left-hand drive versions only, will be introduced during November into the sub-Saharan region. The Fiat Strada nameplate is not unknown in South Africa as Fiat introduced the first Strada bakkie to the local market back in 2008.

What’s new?

The latest generation was launched in 2020 and more than 400 000 units have been sold. First of all, based on the new Polio/Tipo platform, the Strada comes in single as well as double cab formats.


Influenced by the award-winning Fiat Toro in its design, it stands out with remarkable audacity according to Fiat. It has LED headlights, emitting 20% brighter light than its competitors, in combination with its robust appearance.

Its cargo capacity is capable of accommodating between 650 kg and 720 kg, depending on the version, and it’s offering up to 1 354 litres in the single-cabin model, making it exceptionally suited to a variety of professional and personal needs.


Fiat says the Strada is a technological marvel as it is equipped with advanced technologies such as stability control, hill start assist, and TC+, which ensures optimal traction, even on the most challenging terrains.

The Strada's interior provides abundant storage compartments paired with air conditioning. The bakkie is equipped comprehensively: boasting four airbags, pretensioner seatbelts, and the Isofix system for young passengers.


There is no mention about which engine versions we can expect, but Fiat has a range of small engines used in the Strada in overseas markets, from a 1-litre turbo petrol to 13 and 14 petrol engines.

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