New Jolion PRO landed in South Africa

The first new HAVAL model to launch under the carmaker’s new One GWM philosophy, the New Jolion PRO, takes all the solid, dependable and high-value traits that its vehicles are famous for and blends them into a stylish sporty new era, according to the Chinese manufacturer.

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What’s new?

The new Jolion brings two options to market. The updated version of the current platform under the “City” branding and an all-new product under the “Pro” series.


A most contemporary hexagonal grille with fourteen chrome-tipped vertical bar and a discreet HAVAL badge introduce the New HAVAL Jolion PRO. The badge sits between a pair of multi-angled height-adjustable follow-me-home daytime running headlamps, with LED illumination in the Luxury models.

The New HAVAL Jolion PRO is rounded off by smart and contemporary rear treatment dominated by LED taillights linked by a bar across the width of the car.

The City range gets a new front look similar to the PRO while the rest remains more or less the same as before. The new PRO is in reality both wider and taller than the regular Jolion City it now joins on the local range. At 4.470 metres long, 1.898 metres wide, 1.625 metres tall and riding on a long wheelbase, the new HAVAL Jolion PRO is also more spacious.

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The black cabin certainly looks just as contemporary as the rest of the car with a quality padded dash providing a smart lateral element. The focus is, however, on the horizontal plane, with the infotainment touchscreen floating above a row of one-touch buttons and a teutonic look central climate control vent below that.

The Jolion’s traditional rotary bezel gear selector sits below on the front of the centre console. It shares that space with smart space-managed open and shut storage binnacles to complement the large cubby ahead of the front passenger.

The base model New Jolion PRO Premium has a neat and functional four-way adjustable multifunction paddle shift steering wheel framing a 3.5-inch instrument cluster. The steering wheel gains leatherette treatment on Luxury models and a 7 inch-LCD instrument cluster. Ultra Luxury variants go another step further with a driver’s head-up display.


Looking under the bonnet, the HAVAL Jolion PRO is available in the three-engine line-up. Premium, Super Luxury and Ultra Luxury models have a 105 kW and 210 Nm turbocharged 1 500 cc petrol engine driving the front wheels via a 7-speed Double Clutch Transmission (DCT). The more powerful 1.5T S Ultra Luxury has a 130 kW and 270 Nm engine and 7-speed DCT.

The flagship HAVAL Jolion PRO 1.5 HEV Ultra Luxury DHT has a hybridised 140 kW and 375 Nm drivetrain. This Dedicated Hybrid Transmission merges a petrol internal combustion engine and an onboard battery-fed electric motor.

Range and prices:

The New HAVAL Jolion PRO arrives in line with a realigned Jolion range. Two Jolion City models, a 6-speed manual and a 7-speed DCT automatic Plus, continue below this new 5-model Jolion PRO range. These City models are based on the current legacy Jolion however they feature new front and rear design changes such as the new vertical grille in alignment with the Pro models.

Jolion 1.5T City (R345 950), Jolion 1.5T City Plus 7DCT (R370 950), Jolion Luxury 7DCT Limited Edition (R420 950), Jolion PRO 1.5T Premium 7DCT (R391 150), Jolion PRO 1.5T Super Luxury 7DCT (R425 950), Jolion PRO 1.5T Ultra Luxury 7DCT (R462 950), Jolion PRO 1.5T S Ultra Luxury 7DCT (R495 950) and the Jolion PRO 1.5 HEV Ultra Luxury DHT (R516 950).

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