More cargo space from Hyundai

When your business demands a small, safe, economical and comfortable transport vehicle, the Cargo model range from Hyundai now offers another option.

Atos Cargo rear 1 1800x1800

Hyundai has added the Atos Cargo to the existing Grand i10 Cargo range.

The converted Grand i10 and Atos Cargo hatchback models are two of the most versatile vehicles in Hyundai’s local range, offering a secure, robust compartment of up to 1.2 cubic metres in the Grand i10, hooks to hold a cargo net down and a strong wire mesh cargo barrier between the cargo area and the two front seats. The rear side windows are also securely covered with the strong wire mesh on the inside.

Two derivatives are available in the shape of the smaller hatchback: the Atos 1.1 Motion Cargo (manual) and Atos 1.1 Fluid Cargo (manual). The Grand i10 1.0 Motion Cargo (manual) completes the range.

The Atos Cargo joins its larger i10 Cargo in the Hyundai stable.

The popularity of these light commercial vehicles is evident from the 350 sales of the first Grand i10 Cargo model, supplemented by 50 new Grand i10 Cargo sales and 13 of the new Atos Cargo. Furthermore, the Fidelity Services Group has acquired 131 Grand i10 Cargo vehicles, making this provider of security services one of the biggest buyers of the hatchback cargo-carrier.

“We homologated the Grand i10 Cargo as a light commercial vehicle, which created another benefit for businesses, because they can claim back VAT on their purchase. Following the success of the Grand i10, we also homologated the slightly smaller Atos 1.1 Cargo as the latest entry in our light commercial vehicle range,” says Stanley Anderson, Sales and Operations Director of Hyundai Automotive South Africa.

The Hyundai Cargo models are also a good substitute for the half-ton bakkies, which were popular as a small commercial vehicle and offers a very competitive cost of ownership.

Hyundai prides itself on the reliability and sustainability of its commercial vehicles. The warranty burn rate (the average cost of warranty repairs for the model range) at the time of this news release for the Grand i10 was R62.26 per unit per month, and for the Atos even lower at R48.04 per unit per month.

“If those low warranty burn rates – which are good indicators of a car model’s reliability – are not good enough reason to put your trust in the Atos or Grand i10 Cargo, then Hyundai Automotive SA’s exceptional warranty of 7 years or 200 000 km should do.

The strengthened load bay of the Atos Cargo.

A 998 cc normally aspirated, 3-cyclinder petrol engine with 49 kW and 94 Nm is used in the Grand i10 1.0 Motion Cargo with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

In the Atos Cargo derivatives, a 1 086 cc 4-cylinder normally aspirated petrol engine – also linked to a 5-speed manual gearbox – with 50 kW and 99 Nm is used.

  • Price (August 2021):
  • Competitors:

Atos 1.1 Motion Cargo (manual) R179 900, Atos 1.1 Fluid Cargo (manual) R189 900 and the Grand i10 1.0 Motion Cargo (manual) R211 900.

Kia Picanto Runner and the Mahindra KUV100 Xprez.

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