EM90 a space for living on the move

Volvo is not really unknown to the multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) genre if you considered its big comfy station wagons as MPVs. More recently, Volvo is all about SUVs until now. With the launch of the Volvo EM90, the Swedish manufacturer now offers a premium MPV that is all electric.

23 EM90a

What’s new?

For starters, everything is new. It was designed from scratch as an electric vehicle.


Volvo says the EM90 is designed to be your living room on the move. It provides you with ultimate comfort for you to make the most of the time you spend in the car, thanks to Scandinavian design details that offer a truly premium experience.

However, the first acquaintance with the EM90 comes through its exterior design. At the front, the instantly recognisable and iconic Thor’s Hammer headlights provide a grand appearance.

The headlights of the EM90 greet you with an illuminating front, including an illuminated logo that appears for the first time on a Volvo car. Inspired by skyscrapers and cutting-edge immersive art, the front exudes high-tech, crafted precision.

At the rear, a lit-up wordmark and stylish rear light design make the EM90 stand out from modern premium design. Our iconic Volvo vertical tail lamps have also evolved. Inspired by the skyline of modern cities, the tail lamp signatures extend both upward and downward, with the metal strip representing the core horizon line.


It is the place to be. Additional comfort comes courtesy of top-notch sound isolation and road noise cancellation technology so you can enjoy the sound quality from a total of 21 Bowers & Wilkins speakers.

Once you are comfortably settled in your lounge seat, you can also use other cutting-edge technology designed to make your life easier. Bursting with computing power provided by Snapdragon® Cockpit Platforms from Qualcomm Technologies as standard and 5G connectivity where available, the EM90 delivers an outstanding digital experience.

The voice assistant makes it easier for you to connect via the 15.4-inch infotainment screen for the driver.

An additional, high-definition 15.6-inch screen that is mounted in the roof, folds down whenever you want some entertainment for the family or take a business video meeting even with a camera when needed. The screen also supports mobile screen projection and a wide variety of third-party apps.

The roof-mounted screen is part of a multi-functional set of screens and smart surfaces that enable a variety of in-cabin scenarios. With a flick of a switch or a command to the voice assistant, you can easily turn the interior of the EM90 into a theatre, a meeting room, or a bedroom for the rear seats. Screens, seats, windows, air conditioner and lighting will all be adjusted accordingly.


As a fully electric car, the EM90 provides a range of up to 738 kilometres under the CLTC testing cycle. The car comes with a 116 kWh-battery and the charging time, from 10 to 80 per cent, is expected to be under 30 minutes. Powered by an e-motor with 200 kW power output, the EM90 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.3 seconds.

Like the EX90 flagship SUV, the EM90 is equipped with all the hardware necessary to enable bi-directional charging. This feature allows you to use the battery of the EM90 as a power bank to charge other electric cars and appliances.

  • The Volvo EM90 will first put rubber on the road in China. Volvo says in a statement: “Local demand for electric vehicles continues to grow at an encouraging pace, and we’re well aware that many high-profile South Africans appreciate the space and comfort offered by luxury MPVs. While we have no official announcements to make right now regarding a possible local introduction, we do believe the high-end, fully electric EM90 will be very well received in South Africa by individuals seeking business-class levels of comfort and refinement.”

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