Changes to Mazda3 line-up and specs

The Mazda3 faces some serious competition in its segment, and Mazda hopes the current facelift might swing a few more potential buyers in its direction.

23 Mazda31

What’s new?

A number of small changes across different areas will help to keep the Mazda3 fresh and competitive.


The facelift version now offers Android Auto and Wireless Apple CarPlay, USB Type-C connectivity and wireless charging (Qi standard) that works on all modern smartphones. These additions ensure that the Mazda3 offers buyers the latest and most convenient connectivity options.


The recent facelift also adds a new exterior colour: Ceramic White. Mazda is constantly evolving its vehicle paint techniques so that every shade perfectly accentuates the design of its vehicles.


The drivetrain options remain the same with the 1.5-litre petrol engine good for 88 kW and 153 Nm, and the flagship models get the 2.0 litre petrol engine that delivers 121 kW and 213 Nm.

Line-up and price:

Along with the facelift, Mazda has made changes to the Mazda3 model line-up, which is now available in three variants:

Mazda3 1.5L Dynamic 6MT (R447 500), Mazda3 1.5L Dynamic 6AT (R462 500) and the Mazda3 2.0L Astina 6AT (R565 700).

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