NTT VW East London receives Golden Partner award

ABSA Vehicle and Asset Finance recently awarded NTT East London Golden Partner status for being a key supporting dealer that exceeds targets on a regular basis.

NTT East London Gerhard Van Zyl

According to the Dealer Principal, Gerhard van Zyl, the NTT Group took over the VW franchise in East London at the beginning of 2009. “We were still situated in Oxford Street, but as a business that was steadily growing, we needed a bigger premises, and we were fortunate to move to a much bigger lot in Wyse Avenue in 2013,” Van Zyl told Dealerfloor.

Having a big presence in the Eastern Cape, including Mthatha and King William’s Town, NTT East London has proven its worth under the able leadership of Van Zyl who started his career as DP in 2009 at the same dealership.

“Our business plan has always been about running a lean structure that is extremely productive, reaching stretched targets, and we know we will always have to work harder and smarter to achieve our goals,” Van Zyl said.

Gerhard van Zyl
Gerhard van Zyl, Dealer Principal of NTT VW East London

“In a strange way, we were sort of prepared for a world brought about by lockdown and COVID-19, as we have always attempted to work seemingly getting ready for a challenge.”

When asked about the importance of the Golden Partner Award, Van Zyl stressed the importance of a mutually beneficial relationship with banks and institutions providing vehicle and asset finance. “We operate in a fairly large area, which can be both a challenge and an opportunity. I prefer to focus on the opportunity and, together with partners such as ABSA, we can be successful in the current trying economic times,” he said.

When answering Dealerfloor’s quick-fire personal questions, Van Zyl was quick to respond that he prefers beer to wine, with steak being his favourite meal. Travelling in his VW Amarok makes him happy and when he is not watching his favourite movie, Con Air, he is in the backyard restoring motorcycles.

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