New logo and digital home for naamsa

The organisation previously known as the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of SA, has revealed its new corporate website and has updated social media channels and with it a fresh and dynamic new corporate image.

LOGO Naamsa

The new image sees naamsa move from an acronym to a recognised brand that takes its rightful place as the voice of the automotive industry. It also brings new energy to an organisation that can trace its origins in South Africa back to 1935.

“For over 85 years, naamsa has been the trusted ambassador for and on behalf of the automotive industry. We represent an industry that has been built by visionaries, entrepreneurs and philanthropists, and we want to carry that spirit into a new era of growth, investment and transformation,” says Mike Mabasa, Chief Executive Officer of naamsa.

The new naamsa logo and corporate image are made up of two hexagons and a chevron, with each element representing a piece of the industry and of naamsa’s new character.

At the centre of the logo is a small hexagon, a universal symbol of coherence that represents, amongst other things, communication, equality, perfection and dependability. The colour silver was carefully chosen to symbolise the strong grey steel that is the strength of this industry.

The larger, black hexagon in the logo is associated with power, strength, authority, formality and sophistication. It also graphically represents the upstream, core, adjacent and downstream industries that contribute to the success of the automotive sector. These industries include mining, chemical, electronics, textiles, vehicle manufacturing, the dealer network, logistics, transport, advertising and marketing.

Rounding off the dynamic new logo is the green chevron, placed to the right of the naamsa logo. This design element, explains Mike, refers to progress, mobility, growth, sustainability and the exciting future of the automotive sector.

The new corporate image features prominently on the new naamsa website, which also introduces the wider auto sector to the new tiered membership structure and information service that naamsa provides.

The new site gives a quick and informative overview of the industry’s performance for the year, while sections of the SA Economy and the Auto Dashboard provide top-line statistics on various tax, industry and sales performance metrics.

Industry role players can delve into very detailed industry statistics by signing up to one of the many membership levels now available on the site. naamsa membership gives members access to naamsa’s proprietary Autolytics industry data, which includes domestic, import and export sales, vehicle registration statistics, industry calendars and used car sales data.

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