KIA ramp up technical training

Dealer principals who achieved top marks for aftersales in Kia’s recent annual awards all point to the training provided by Kia as the basis for their success. Dealerfloor asked Kia what its aftersales training entails.

KIA Master Technicians

Marnus van Wyk, Specialist Technical Trainer at Kia’s Training Facility in Edenvale, Johannesburg, explained that Kia aims to have all technicians at a certified level within 30 days of employment. There are currently 100 certified technicians working at Kia dealerships.

Technicians must pass three levels of training to become master technicians. These are TRP 1 (Certified), TRP 2 (Expert) and TRP 3 (Master).

Van Wyk said each level consists of multiple online and instructor-led sessions. TRP 1 focuses on basic understanding of vehicle systems and drivetrains. TRP 2 covers in depth diagnosis of the engine, chassis and electrical systems, and TRP 3 covers communication between multiple vehicle systems including the engine, gearbox and body electrical. TRP 3 also includes a final one-on-one assessment of the technician’s skill and problem-solving abilities.

Asked which level students find the hardest, Van Wyk said TRP 2 is quite challenging, as it requires technicians to study a lot of information, but TRP 3 seems to be the hardest with the added stress of a one-on-one assessment.

KIA Master Technicians
KIA technicians Dinesh Ramlal (left) and Baseer Rylands at KIA’s Training Facility in Edenvale.

Master level technicians are short listed to compete in Kia’s annual Top Tech competition, with the winner crowned as Kia’s Technician of the Year. The winner of this competition is also invited to take part in our regional competition in Dubai and ultimately the final in Korea.

Van Wyk said the centre looks forward to sending Baseer Ryland, Kia’s technician of 2019, to represent Kia South Africa in Korea “when the world returns to normal”.

KIA Master Technicians
Back row: Dinesh Ramlal, Baseer Rylands, Khayalethi Dlamini, Michael Clack, Mark de Klerk, Gabriel Komoco, Dinash Boodhoo. Front row: Marnus van Wyk, Niel Behrens.

Ryland matriculated from George Technical Training High School in 2008 and has since been focusing on improving his skills as a technician, starting at the Imperial Technical Training Academy while apprenticed with Hyundai. He has been a Master Technician with Kia Motors SA since 2018.


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