We asked Motify MD about success of new entity

With the recent launch of Motify™ – an end-to-end service provider working towards transforming service delivery in the automotive industry – we asked Julie Caldicott, the Managing Director, a number of questions regarding the new entity.

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1: It is still early days for Motify, but not unknown territory as Pinewood DMS SA and Ampersand are two well-established players in the automotive market. How has the new entity been accepted so far?

The reception for Motify in the automotive market has been nothing short of elating! While it's true that Pinewood DMS SA and Ampersand are formidable players, Motify has stormed onto the scene with a fresh, innovative approach that has captured the industry's attention.

Customers and industry experts alike have been buzzing with excitement about Motify's unique offerings and forward-thinking solutions. The market has welcomed Motify with open arms, recognising the potential for this new entity to bring transformative changes to the automotive landscape.

2: Has the integration of both donor systems into Motify been completed?

Yes. In May 2023 when Motify officially launched, both Pinewood DMS SA and Ampersand came together and is now working in harmony to transform service delivery in the automotive industry.

The final tweaks will be effective 1 October, at the beginning of our new financial year.

3: With the roll-out, what is the feedback from the industry about the added services Motify now offers?

There are early signs of excitement, which included glowing reviews, peaked interest from the industry, and a growing customer base eager to experience the cutting-edge technologies and services that Motify has to offer. With the strong start, there's no doubt that Motify is poised for remarkable success in the automotive market, and we can’t wait to see the incredible innovations we bring to the industry in partnership with some of the industry leaders.

4: Can you give examples of what aspects of Motify, dealerships find the most valuable?

Our dealer partners have found AutoCSI, AutoRetention and AutoWeb to be our most valuable solutions, allowing dealers to monitor and enhance their customers’ satisfaction levels in real time, build and execute effective customer retention strategies by analysing data within the DMS to generate after-sales revenue and enhance their online presence generating both new and used vehicle leads that convert.

5: What benefits would customers have been able to experience from the new entity at dealership level?

Customers at the dealership level are experiencing the benefits of Motify's holistic approach, with a people-driven focus ensuring a personalised experience, a data-driven approach leading to more relevant and efficient interactions, and a wide array of value-added services elevating the overall customer journey.

6: How does Motify foresee the expansion of what it has to offer?

Motify is focused on the expansion of our product and service offerings as we continue to innovate and meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our dedicated team of product development experts is hard at work focusing on new product offerings, service enhancements, digital transformation, expanded market reach and partnerships.

7: Will the EV future of motoring have an influence on how Motify operates at dealership level?

We believe the future of EV will have a significant influence on how dealerships operate. It’s reshaping the automotive dealership landscape from sales and service strategies to infrastructure and education efforts. It’s a future that requires adaptation and a forward-thinking approach to technology, people and AI.

We’ve noticed the early signs of a shift towards the ‘agency model’ utilising digital platforms to sell vehicles directly to consumers, and we are dedicating our time to proactively embrace these changes and position our dealership partners to thrive in this evolving automotive industry.

8: What is the next step?

The next step for Motify is an exciting journey towards further growth and innovation, focusing on current product ROI, customer-centric partnerships, AI and developing future skill sets to optimise our service delivery.

We're dedicated to driving positive change in the automotive industry and delivering unmatched value to our customers and partners.

9: Why should industry leaders partner with Motify?

Our approach at Motify embodies collaboration, customer-centricity and forward-thinking. We provide the tools and insights needed to drive growth, innovation and success in the automotive market and partnering with us means tapping into a dynamic ecosystem that values your input and is committed to shaping the future of the industry.

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