Toyota promises fun with TTGE at Comic Con

From mimicking your superhero to serious gaming action await attendees at this year’s Comic Con Cape Town, held at the Convention Centre from 27 to 30 April.

23 Toy Comic1

And another superhero making a return to the event is Toyota (TSAM) announcing it will be the official sponsor of the premier comic and pop-culture event in South Africa.

Following the announcement of its partnership with Comic Con Africa in September 2022, Toyota is delighted to continue its support of the comic and gaming community.

Comic Con Cape Town brings together thousands of passionate fans of comics, gaming, movies and pop culture and provides an exciting platform for Toyota to showcase its commitment to innovation and creativity through The Toyota Gaming Engine (TTGE).

TTGE is home to all Toyota e-sports action from South Africa, the world and beyond. Whether you’re a serious gamer or a newbie, sign up to join a community of fans who play for the sport of it. Members get access to tournaments and challenges across the most popular titles, as well as other exclusive content, including pro tips and breaking news.

Not only will Toyota provide a fleet of vehicles to transport guests, performers and staff to and from the event, but to kick the cooperation in to high gear, Toyota will host an exciting activation on the Comic Con Cape Town floor so fans can fully experience TTGE.

Hosting free-to-play WRC and FIFA tournaments, attendees will be able to test their skills on the sim rig and stand a chance of winning big prizes. Toyota's participation in the gaming scene highlights its dedication to bringing cutting-edge technology and immersive experiences to its customers.

“Over the past three years, Toyota has entrenched itself in gaming and pop culture with TTGE, bringing together people with diverse backgrounds through their mutual passions," says Glenn Crompton, Vice President of Marketing at Toyota South Africa.

"For our customers who are passionate about gaming, this is an opportunity for us to connect with them in a meaningful way and that is why this synergy with Comic Con Cape Town and Comic Con Africa is a perfect fit for SA’s most-loved car brand."

Attendees can expect to see a wide variety of exhibits, merchandise and interactive events, as well as appearances from some of the biggest names in the comic and pop culture world.

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