Tiger Wheel & Tyre now also repairs rims

Customers can have damaged wheels repaired at all Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores nationwide.

Tiger Wheel Tyres

The company offers this service either through its new Xpress Wheel Straightening Centres or by sending the damaged alloy wheels to Wheel Collision.

It now offers a full range of tyre repair services at its stores nationwide in partnership with Wheel Collision, the country’s only SABS-approved wheel repair brand.

Xpress Wheel Straightening Centres have been opened at selected Tiger Wheel & Tyre outlets throughout the country. Stores that do not, at present, have Xpress Wheel Straightening Centres on site, can send damaged tyres to Wheel Collision’s state-of-the-art facilities for repair.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre recognises that it is often more cost effective to repair an alloy wheel than to replace it. So, it uses world-class technology to repair these wheels to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards.

Customers now have quick, easy and affordable access to a full range of damaged wheel repairs, including wheel straightening, full refurbishment, polishing, powder coating and custom paint finishing for those who want to keep the same style wheel or change the colour and finish.

The company makes safety a priority and uses X-ray machines to ensure safe and quality wheel repairs. Tiger Wheel & Tyre also offers a lifetime warranty on workmanship and a manufacturer’s warranty on paintwork.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre does not, for safety reasons, repair wheels that have been repaired repeatedly and are now too thin, or wheels that have four or more fatigue cracks or that have cracks or damage across the spokes, the hub of the wheel, or valve hole. Repairs to steel or chrome wheels are also not offered.

  • This dedicated wheel-repair offering is in partnership with Wheel Collision, fully acquired by parent company, TiAuto Investments, in December last year.

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