Tesla Model X on display to market charging infrastructure

Rubicon, a major player in the sustainable energy space in South Africa, is making a big play to expand the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in South Africa.

Tesla Model X

To market their services, they are bringing the first Tesla Model X Performance Edition all-electric SUV into the country.

According to Greg Blandford, director of Rubicon Energy & E-Mobility, the vehicle will be used for marketing initiatives within the Rubicon Group to promote the Tesla Powerwall as part of Rubicon’s business strategy towards electric vehicle charging infrastructure and sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

“The Tesla Model X is a marvel of engineering and technology, we hope to raise awareness of electric mobility in South Africa and what better way to achieve this than with the world leader in electric vehicles, Tesla,” Blandford said in a statement.

Over the last couple of months, Dealerfloor noticed an accelerated drive towards EVs in the local market with initiatives like the free charging station at the Bellville Civic Centre in Cape Town, as well as various stations along major routes in the country. During the Smarter Mobility Africa LIVE Summit last year, the auto industry in South Africa was warned it could miss the bus when it comes to EVs, crippling the industry.

Blandford explained that Rubicon aims to highlight all forms of e-mobility and to accelerate the South African vehicle industry and lobby government towards an all-electric future.

“The arrival of the Model X will give South Africans the opportunity to see up close what an electric future looks like and to experience high performance electric vehicles and the technology showcased within the Tesla Model X for the first time,” he said.

The Tesla is expected to arrive in South Africa and start with its marketing duties on behalf of Rubicon in the first week of March.

The car will move between major city centres over the next few months in conjunction with a number of marketing events for Tesla Powerwall, together with electric vehicle chargers from EVBox, Delta and EO Charging.

However, this initiative does NOT signal the arrival of Tesla vehicles in South Africa.

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