SVI provides armour solution as added value for dealerships

Within a week after opening an office in Cape Town, the vehicle armouring solutions firm, SVI Engineering, delivered its first locally manufactured and fitted armoured bakkie.

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The B6 Stopgun V2.0 armoured Toyota Hilux double cab was fitted for the well-known Brad Wood of K9 Law Enforcement as part of his security business and includes fixed armour plating and armoured glass.

Since it was formed in 2004 as a specialist manufacturer and fitter of armoured products, SVI has established itself as an added value service to dealerships whose clients are in the security and mining industries. This has expanded over time as more dealers started selling armoured vehicles to private citizens who are concerned about their families’ safety.

According to Nicol Louw, spokesperson for SVI, the conversions they provide and instal will give dealerships an opportunity to provide a wider range of products and to better serve the needs of individuals, as well as clients in the corporate, security, mining and government sectors.

“The armouring kit is currently available on Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux bakkies and will take up to 4 weeks to prepare and only 2-3 weeks to instal,” he told Dealerfloor recently. “The Ford Ranger comes with a full factory-approved warranty tied in with local dealer support.”

The semi-discreet B6 armouring solution is said to stop AK47 and R1 rifles and can be used in security support and services or valuable-in-transit vehicles. It replaces the widely used double-door system formerly used with the newest technology of integrated door armour, including flat armoured glass fitted in window frames with the option of gunports.

“These ports provide elegant ballistic protection, but reduce the personal injury risk considerably when compared with the double-door system,” Louw said. “Although it adds up to 650kg to the payload, consider that it is still well below the one ton most bakkies are designed and engineered to carry.”

Stated as a first for this armouring segment, a fully functional curtain airbag is included when it is standard on the bakkie, to complement the other standard safety systems on the vehicle.

Pricing for the B6 Stopgun V2.0:
Single Cab: From R223,000.00 Ex. VAT
Extended Cab From R258,000.00 Ex. VAT
Double Cab: From R 319,000.00 Ex. VAT

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