Red Bull co-founder passes away after long illness

Co-founder of Red Bull energy drinks, Dietrich Mateschitz, died this past Saturday (22 October) at the age of 78, after a long-term illness.

Jesper brouwers B2 Cs6kw5 VNM unsplash

Austrian Mateschitz founded the company in 1987 with Thai national, Chaleo Yoovidhya. The company quickly became and remained the leader in the energy-drinks market.

Red Bull became associated with extreme sports owing to its sponsorship of, among other sports, big wave surfing, cliff diving, mountain biking and trail ultra-running.

But one of the brand’s biggest success stories remains its venture into Formula 1 when it bought the then-Jaguar team in 2004. Over two decades, the team was built into a champion team with Sebastian Vettel at the steering wheel.

On local soil, Red Bull has been a sponsor of motorsport champions such as Giniel de Villiers, a Dakar champion.

Last October Mateschitz’s net worth was valued at around $25 billion.

Red Bull currently employs 13 000 people in 172 countries and sells and estimated 10 billion cans of the energy drink annually.

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