New online registration platform a go

A new online platform that will allow for paperless vehicle registration and change of ownership processes has been launched for the motor vehicle trading and banking sectors.

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The platform’s launch follows the establishment of a public private partnership (PPP) between the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RMC) and prominent online used car dealer, WeBuyCars.

Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga says the launch marks a pivotal moment in the Department of Transport’s ongoing efforts to improve service delivery within the realm of traffic management.

Chikunga says the use of online registration and transfer of ownership has the ability to mitigate the burdensome workload experienced by registering authorities, thereby empowering officials to improve their performance in several other areas.

She says the primary objective of the online service is to provide a digital platform that efficiently resolves the current challenges related to the administration of registration certificates, thereby obviating the necessity for tangible documentation.

“The suggested methodology entails the establishment of a secure interconnection between systems, facilitating the instantaneous processing of transactions.

“As a result, the National Traffic Information System (NaTIS) will ensure the continuous maintenance of an accurate record of ownership, promptly reflecting any modifications.

“An additional benefit lies in the continuous availability of the service, encompassing all seven days of the week.

“This enables a reduction in processing times for the industry outside

of regular business hours and weekends, thereby enhancing the security and efficiency of trade operations,” she says.

RTMC CEO Makhosini Msibi says the general public will get access to the online platform next year.

WeBuyCars CEO Faan van der Walt says the company is extremely proud and excited to be among the first to pilot the online registration and notice of change of ownership system with the RTMC and the Department of Transport.

Van der Walt says the COVID-19 pandemic emphasised the importance of contactless transactions and spurred the evolution of online platforms for conducting business across private and public sectors.

He says the shift away from physical transacting and the streamlining of bulk services within registration authorities will undoubtedly enhance public service delivery.

“This transformation, facilitated by the online platform, will encourage operational efficiencies within the vehicle trading and financial sectors.

“These efficiencies promise improved service delivery for both public and private clients, which will ultimately be the beneficiaries of this initiative,” he says.

Chikunga says that upon successful registration of the vehicle via the online platform, sole authorisation is granted exclusively to the individual named as the registered title holder to partake in any activities related to the vehicle including, but not limited to, ownership transfer and acquisition of duplicate registration documents.

She says the proprietor maintains the capacity to participate in transactions related to his obligations, such as obtaining licences and maintaining the roadworthiness of his assets.

When the title holder sells an automobile, the buyer can securely register the vehicle by utilising the information provided by the title holder, she says.

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