Naamsa, members support Aftermarket Guidelines

Naamsa, the automotive business council, has reiterated its support for the Automotive Aftermarket Guidelines as it nears the implementation date of 1 July.

Michael M MABASA Naamsa

The final guidelines were published late last year (10 December) and have since caused some confusion among dealers, vehicle manufacturers and independent service providers.

Part of the confusion was recently addressed at the first online F&I Conference, which was made possible by NADA, Absa, Mix Telematics, Lightstone and MotorVAPS.

At the conference it was noted that the Guidelines remain open to interpretation, especially when it comes to the bundling or unbundling of warranties and service plans from the sale price of a vehicle.

Naamsa has noted that it will support the Competition Commission informing and training members of the industry to ensure a seamless adoption of the guidelines. It will also do this to address what it believes are some “reckless and persistent misrepresentation and communication of what the Guidelines are all about.

“We are working with all our members and partners to adequately ensure that the kick-off date for the implementation of the Guidelines is not disruptive in any way and that all the principles are accurately communicated to all our vehicle owners, our customers and to the general public.

"We reaffirm that any orderly executed transformation programme should be seen as a process and not an event nor a quick fix, tick-box exercise. Naamsa is under no illusion that the overwhelming majority of the principles contained in the Guidelines will be ready for implementation on July 01,” says Mikel Mabasa, CEO of Naamsa.

Mikel also notes that the organisation and its members are fully committed to deepening and broadening the inclusion of small businesses, especially those owned and operated by previously disadvantaged individuals.

You can read the full Guidelines for Competition in the South African Automotive Aftermarket here.

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