Motify™ the key to class-leading service delivery

Motify’s mission to transform service delivery within the automotive industry is gaining momentum since the establishment of the new entity with the coming together of Pinewood DMS SA and Ampersand Communications.

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The focus of Motify is solely to understand the challenges faced by dealers and to develop solutions that address those challenges and improve the overall customer experience across the buying process and beyond.

Different strategies will contribute to service delivery, leaving the competition in the dust, based on the following four pillars of this approach:

Embrace Technology:

This is driving change in the way automotive businesses operate and should be seen as an ally. Harnessing technology enables dealerships to streamline processes, improve efficiency and deliver a superior customer experience.

Utilising digital platforms for scheduling service appointments, tracking customer information and ordering parts can save time and diminish the risk of errors.

The Customer is King:

Gone are the days when pricing and selection determined buyers’ purchasing decisions. Customer experience (CX) is the winning formula to building customer loyalty and repeat business (remember, retaining existing customers is far more cost-effective than acquiring new ones). A standout dealership starts with a strong focus on customer experience and care.

By offering personalised service, prompt response times and open communication, you can create a positive and memorable experience for your customers.

Increase your Digital Transparency:

In today’s tech-savvy world, consumers want complete transparency when it comes to the products, services and processes of the businesses they deal with.

Task your team to adapt to shifting buyer journeys and integrate new ways to enhance the transparency levels within your customer relationships, because transparency builds trust and trust sells cars.

Invest in your team:

Your employees are the face of your dealership – and your most valuable assets. As such, they play a pivotal role in delivering a positive customer experience. In this fast-paced automotive landscape, where compensation and working conditions are no longer the overriding factors in attracting top talent, leading dealerships are turning to employee training and development to stay ahead of the hairpin curve. By investing in their team’s skills and abilities, these businesses are experiencing a significant return on investment in terms of both employee retention and elevated revenue.

Constantly upskilling your team on new technologies, as well as customer service capabilities, will ensure it is well-equipped to deliver exceptional customer service.

If you are looking to work smarter to attract and retain a loyal client base through world class service delivery, reach out to learn more about how Motify™ can transform the service delivery within your dealership.

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