Lemons 9-Hour Race roars into Cape Town

The Lemons 9-Hour Race is set to make history in Cape Town as Africa's largest motorsport event holds its inaugural mother city event, the Mischief Garage 9-Hour.

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Don’t be caught by the “Blitz Patrol”.

Building on the success of its predecessor, the 9 & 24-hour race in Johannesburg, with an impressive 76 entries to the 24h race, the Lemons series has established itself as a powerhouse in the African motorsport scene.

Since its inception, the Lemons series has been more than just a race; it's been a race incubator, introducing over 220 new drivers to motorsport over the last three years and hosting the first all-female team in 2023.

With its unique blend of accessibility, affordability and sheer excitement, the Lemons series has become the country's largest race incubator, attracting drivers from all walks of life and backgrounds.

"We are incredibly proud of what the Lemons series has achieved in such a short time," says Mark Castel, Event organiser. "From humble beginnings to Africa's largest motorsport event in just three years, the Lemons series has truly become a force to be reckoned with. We are thrilled to bring this excitement to Cape Town and showcase the incredible talent and passion of our drivers."

Vehicles of all shapes and sizes will be racing at the Lemons 9-hour Race.

"We are excited to be a part of this inaugural event," says Sean O’Connel, CEO of Mischief Garage, the title sponsor of the event. "The Lemons series has done an incredible job of promoting motorsport and bringing new drivers into the fold. We are proud to support an event that is not only thrilling but also inclusive and welcoming to all."

The Lemons 9-hour Race in Cape Town is set to take place on 5-6 July 2024, at the renowned Killarney Raceway. Spectators can look forward to a weekend of exhilarating racing action, entertainment and a showcase of some of the most innovative racing machines ever seen. Proudly supported by Dunlop Tyres, Eezi Parts, Bumblebee and GSV (Global Specialized Vehicles).

  • For more information, visit the iLamuna endurance series social media pages or contact Mark on +27 82 969 9129, mark@doepicshitadventures.com, joy@doepicshitadventures.com

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