Imagined mobility solutions of the future

The winners of the 15th annual Toyota Dream Car Art Contest were announced at a virtual event hosted by Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM).


Earlier this year, TSAM invited children up to the age of 15 years to submit drawings of their imagined mobility solutions of the future. The competition had three age categories, namely: Under 8; 8 to 11 years and 12 to 15 years.

For the first time in the competition’s history, the winners’ prizes in each category were delivered in a vehicle emblazoned with their respective eye-catching artwork. “We are obviously sad that COVID-19 has made it impossible for us to host the winners at Toyota like we did before the pandemic hit, but we’ve had to improvise.

The winner in the category for Under 8s, is Zuhayr Syed Ebrahim with the The Air Mobile, able to race other air mobile cars and to see a great view in cruise mode.

“The Dream Car competition is aimed at encouraging children to visualise and sketch mobility solutions of the future – and we hope that it was like seeing their artwork coming to life when they saw the cars that delivered their prizes,” says Glenn Crompton, Vice-President of Marketing at TSAM.

The first prize in the Under 8 category went to Zuhayr Syed Ebrahim for his “Air mobile”, which he says is based on his imagination to “see it race other air mobile cars and to see a great view on cruise mode”.

Ridhima Hingorani’s “Leaf car” claimed first spot in the 8 to 11 years category. She says her piece was inspired by her desire to create an eco-friendly vehicle “that works like a leaf… it will take energy from air and sunlight and will use biogas as an alternative fuel source”.

The winner in the category for 8 to 11 years, is Ridhima Hingorani with the Leaf Car which, with increased air pollution and a shortage of fuel, works like a leaf. It will take energy from the air and sunlight and will use biogas as an alternative fuel source.

In the 12 to 15 years category, Karabelo Musi walked away with first prize for her “Toyota Dream Car” – a vehicle that is about creating “happiness to be spread throughout the world and for negativity to be sucked away”.

The competition, which attracted more than 11 000 entries, also recognised four runners-up in each category and ensured that they did not walk away empty-handed.

Each category winner received a PS5 to the value of R15 000, while the prize for second place was an Xbox valued at R7 000, third place a laptop to the value of R5 000, a tablet valued at R3 000 for fourth place and a R2 000 Makro voucher for fifth place.

The winner in the category between 12 and 15 years, is Karabelo Musi the Toyota Dream Car that aims to spread happiness throughout the world and to suck negativity away with this car.

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