Haval elves create gift boxes for children

The team at Haval Motors SA (HMSA) became Santa’s little elves in his workshop, putting together one hundred gift boxes for Johannesburg Dream Centre NPC.

Haval Xmas01

The boxes, packed and wrapped by the Haval SA elves, contained important basic stationery for school and activities, basic toiletries like a toothbrush and toothpaste, and of course no Christmas is complete without toys and sweets.

You may be thinking what or who is the Johannesburg Dream Centre? Here is what they have to say about what they do:

“The Johannesburg Dream Centre is a non-profit in South Africa aimed at helping people living in poverty in all different kinds of ways. We help the mother who dreams of feeding her child, the father who dreams of getting a job to provide a better life for his children and the child who dreams of becoming a lawyer one day. We help those in desperate need of empowerment to change their lives for the better. And we do it with the help of people just like you.”

Opening gifts is any child’s dream.

Each December they provide parents living in poverty with Christmas gifts for their children. They give these as if they’d bought them themselves. This encourages family relations and makes sure that no child wakes up to nothing on Christmas morning.”

HMSA did its handover on the 30th of November to Johannesburg Dream Centre NPC where the gifts were handed over by Karishma Panday, HR representative for the company, who had this to say: “We at Haval are proud to hand over these gifts in this time of economic uncertainty knowing full well that this small donation will improve 100 children’s lives on Christmas day.”

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