Fleets awarded, congratulated on road safety

A local fleet manager walked away with the honour of being named the ‘first’ Best Fleet Manager in the country along with a R10 000 cash prize. Additionally, a South Africa organisation won the title of the Best Company based on their road safety policies.

Master Award1

This was the results of MasterDrive’s inaugural Fleet Safety Awards concluded on Friday.

The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert says a hearty congratulations are owed to every entrant that prioritises road safety and sees the value of the Fleet Safety Awards.

“The value of the efforts and road safety practices of all 110 entrants were not missed. In fact, as the competition grows in the coming years, we encourage each company to enter again in a bid to become the second winner in Southern Africa’s Fleet Safety Awards. Additionally, there are plans to introduce new categories next year and open the Awards up to a wider variety of individuals and fleets, says Eugene.”

The Best Fleet Manager Award went to Jonathan Mphake from Eazi Access.

The results:

  • Best company:

Reef Tankers (first place), Tanker Services Fuel & Gas Division at Imperial Logistics SA Group (second place) and VitalAire (third place).

  • Best fleet manager:

Jonathan Mphake from Eazi Access (first place), Louw Riekert from Diraro Group (second place) and

Edward Hoffmann from Tanker services Fuel & Gas (third place).

“To all those who achieved one of the coveted spots in the awards, your position is well earned and deserved, as the judging process ensured absolute transparency. All identifying information was removed from the entries to ensure that judges were not aware of who they were scoring, thereby increasing the objectivity of the awards.

Amanda Duludla from Reef Tankers, winner of the best Company, with Eugene Herbert (CEO of MasterDrive and Philip Hull after whom the trophy is named.

“MasterDrive conveys their sincere congratulations to each finalist, and in particular to the top three Best Fleet Managers and Best Companies. Each individual and organisation illustrated their commitment to and passion for road safety and displayed themselves as a leader in changing the current situation on our roads.

“The awards were made even better with the support of our dedicated partners. Each organisation embraced the Fleet Safety Awards and its potential to improve road safety in the country with as much enthusiasm and commitment as what MasterDrive does. It is a refreshing experience working with organisations that are as committed to road safety and we look forward to the next few Fleet Safety Awards with you as partners by our side.

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