Better training for young drivers

MasterDrive and Castell Projects and Services will be launching a driver training programme during June, which is also youth month, aimed at young drivers.

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The MasterDrive Youth Driver Programme (MYDP) will provide youth drivers with further skills enhancement and give road safety, amongst the youth, the due attention it should receive,” says Eugene Herbert, CEO of MasterDrive.

He says research shows young drivers face a higher risk. “International research shows that in the first six months of driving alone, young, inexperienced drivers are eight times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than experienced, older ones.

“Even after six months, teens are two to three times more likely to be in a fatal crash than experienced drivers. Other research shows that youth drivers are more susceptible to dangerous behaviour behind the wheel such as drunk or distracted driving.

“Together with Castell Projects and Services, MYDP will help young, less experienced drivers learn how to drive proactively and avoid life-threatening situations wherever possible,” says Eugene.

The MYDP will increase access to driver training that goes beyond K53 training. “It is a mistake to assume that obtaining a driving licence means a young driver is adequately prepared for South African roads. It takes further instruction, practice and skills.

This will ensure parents have confidence when they put a young adult on the road, in their own vehicle, that they are more than equipped to safely make it to their destination and back home again. The MYDP will play an essential role in giving both parents and their young drivers this confidence,” he says.

Eugene tells Dealerfloor that they will also approach the insurance industry with the results of the programme. “I hope the programme will be beneficial in terms of the premiums and co-payments for younger drivers. That is up to the industry, but we would engage them with the results.”

Shamir Schloss, from Castell Projects and Services and partner in the MYDP, looks forward to working on the programme. “The youth are our future. We need to look after them and give them the best chance of success. This programme is an important part of critical life skills that will allow them to reach their full potential,” according to Shamir.

“Being competent and capable drivers is a part of getting started on this path to success. Sometimes it does not receive the attention that it should, especially considering the high road fatality rate involving young drivers,” Eugene concluded.

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