Audi to use 3D anamorphic billboards in SA

In a first for an automotive brand in South Africa, Audi has launched a series of innovative 3D anamorphic billboards in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Umhlanga as part of their out-of-home advertising approach in showcasing the Audi grandsphere concept vehicle.

Audi a6 068

The creative 3D work features one of Audi’s four latest Sphere-concept vehicles, the Audi grandsphere concept, which showcases what the future of Audi’s automotive ambition will include – beautiful design, a lounge-like interior and a mobility concept focused on digitalisation and automation.

In recent years, digital billboards have revolutionised the out-of-home advertising landscape, becoming a common sight across South Africa. A recent innovation to digital billboards, now with 3D anamorphic capability, has seen positive adoption by renowned global brands such as Louis Vuitton, Samsung and Adidas to name a few.

Locally, Audi joins a handful of brands within the fashion and real estate industries to make use of this new technology in advertising.

“Given our brand commitment to digitalisation and design, this campaign mirrors our intention in striving to create memorable and fascinating brand experiences for Audi customers and brand fans alike,” says Sascha Sauer, Head of Audi South Africa.

The allure of anamorphic and 3D design lies in its ability to captivate audiences and create immersive experiences. Leveraging depth and perception, 3D design creates an optical illusion, giving viewers the impression that objects extend beyond the screen. This technique utilises computer-generated imagery (CGI) or other 3D-modelling techniques to bring visuals to life, coupling them with volume, texture and realistic lighting.

Anamorphic design, by contrast, influences perspective and plays with viewers' perception by animating images in a specific manner. When viewed from the correct angle or vantage point, the animated image magically aligns and reveals its intended form.

One of the advantages of these types of campaigns is their potential for longevity beyond their actual flighting on digital screens. Owing to the high volume of social sharing, these campaigns can maintain an ongoing presence, generating buzz and engagement.

“As a brand, we will continue to demonstrate our commitment to innovation in as many opportunities as possible. Our advertising campaign on showcasing the Audi Sphere concept vehicles aims to do just that – to inspire towards what the future of premium sustainable mobility looks like. By embracing this cutting-edge advertising technology, we aim to connect with audiences on a deeper level, leaving a memorable mark in their hearts and minds,” concludes Sascha.

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