Facts about the Central Region’s economy

Interesting facts and figures about the Central Region in South Africa – North West, Free State and Northern Cape.

Central region
  • It contributes 13,4% of the Growth Domestic Product (GDP) of SA. That is 5,9% by North West; 5,2% by the Free State and 2,2% by the Northern Cape.
  • · Agriculture provides 13,6% of the Central Regions’ GDP and 13% of the country’s total GDP.
  • · 7% of all new vehicles are sold in the Central Region and this region has been the quickest on the road to recovery in SA.
  • Free State:
  • The province is the leading producer of maize which is important for food security.
  • 25% of South Africa’s cattle sales originate in the Free State province. The Thabo Mofutsanyane district has the highest population of cattle in the country (490 000). That is 14% of South Arica’s total cattle population.
  • Lejweleputswa is SA’s top producer district of maize (21%) and potatoes (23%).

Northern Cape:

  • The NC has the biggest sheep population. The province sells 35% of all sheep nationwide. Pixley ka Seme district has the highest number of sheep outnumbering the population of people by six to one!
  • The region is also the top lucerne producer (37% of SA) and the second biggest grape producer after the Western Cape.

North West:

  • The North West is the biggest producer of sunflower seeds after the Free State and the second biggest producer of carrots after Gauteng.
  • The province is the third biggest producer of cattle.

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