TVS increasing its footprint locally

TVS Motor Company is well underway with the establishment of dealerships throughout South and Southern Africa.

23 TVS Hans Greyling1

The Indian motorcycle manufacturer, the third largest in India and number five in the world (for two and three wheelers), is part of ETG Logistics in South Africa. ETG is an African conglomerate with a wide range of products and services, predominately in the agricultural sector.

According to Hans Greyling, Brand Head of TVS at ETG Logistics, five dealerships have opened their doors in Fourways, Pinetown, Pretoria, Hopefield and Bethlehem. “Two more – Klerksdorp and Pretoria East – are in the process of opening up. Another 18 applications are also being scrutinised and negotiated at this stage.

Hans Greyling of TVS.

“We have established dealerships, some stand-alone and others linked to ETG Agricultural outlets in Zambia, Botswana and soon in Zimbabwe. We are doing very well in Zambia with several planned outlets over the next two years. We see a tendency in Zambia similar to countries in East Africa, where motorcycles are one of the predominant modes of transport for private use as well as business,” Hans tells Dealerfloor.

He says their warehouse in Midrand is up and running with enough stock and parts to supply all dealerships, where-ever they are located.

“In terms of our local market, the TVS brand and our product offering fit nicely between what the Japanese bike manufacturers and the one’s from China have to offer. We are in a unique position to offer a strong range for businesses deliveries as well as mobility solutions for commuters.

“The technology used in some of our ranges is mindboggling and has features that you only get in higher-end and far more expensive bikes from competitors. This includes navigation on the motorbike’s display and Bluetooth functions connected to your helmet. You will find these features on our Ntorq (R25 999), RTR200 (R41 999) and RR310 (R79 999) models.

“Also, remember that TVS co-developed and manufactures the 310 cc-engine used in the BMW GS310, N310 and, on the other side, the TVS RR310. This includes the engine and frame. What I am trying to say is that TVS has a proven track record of outstanding reliability, quality and being economical. If you look at our pricing, it is another added bonus as it represents very good value for money,” Hans tells us.

“Our aim is to have around 25 dealerships across the country in the next year while we continue to expand to neighbouring countries. We are also looking forward to our new TVS Raider 125 range for youngsters, which will soon be released here.

“With an increased growth in the local market, driven mainly by the business sector with more and more delivery motorcycles, we are looking forward to playing a major role in the growing sales of bikes in South Africa,” Hans says.

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