The importance of Google reviews

In today’s social media age, reviews have become an important marketing tool. One of the main review “products” is Google reviews.

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When I do research on a product or company to do business with, I always look for references or reviews. In the same way that you will look at references before you employ someone, clients are more often looking at references for your dealership.

I am no expert in Google reviews, the set up or T&Cs, but I know that we have seen a really good response from potential clients when it comes to deciding on our brand in our canopy business. The more positive reviews, the more likely it is that the client will be confident to deal with you.

Here are some basic suggestions:

  • Ask every client for a review. Not all clients will take the time to review their experience with your dealership but the more people you ask, the more reviews you will receive. Ensure to ask clients across all departments as clients interact with you for several reasons.
  • Respond to every review whether positive or negative. If negative, make sure your response shows your commitment to resolve the problem and then ask the client to review you again after the negative review has been satisfactorily resolved.
  • Make it easy for clients to review you. Ask your IT or social media experts to assist in ensuring that clients know exactly how to submit a review.
  • Reward staff who get positive reviews. That way, they will ensure that they ask clients to submit a review.

Use your review score in your marketing and sales efforts. A good Google review score is something to be proud of and you should ensure that everyone knows about it.

Discuss positive and negative feedback with your staff so that everyone understands the importance of the reviews. Use the reviews to refine and improve processes in your dealership.

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