Talented team, excellent service… a winning recipe

At BMW Vereeniging all employees share the same goal as the management team; we have a true team spirit, and we are committed to achieving our objectives.

BM Wver2 The managemnet team

“December and January are often seen as difficult trading months in the industry. I am proud to say that we did exceptionally well and gained a Podium Position for New Vehicle Sales Nationally within the Medium Volume Dealer Sector. Our after-sales division also achieved very favourable results, and I believe it is owing to the motivated team we have,” says Shernel Mouton, Dealer Principal at Sovereign BMW in Vereeniging, part of the Motus group.

Shernel Mouton, Dealer Principal at Sovereign BMW in Vereeniging

“We have to maintain excellent customer service and build on our relationships at all times, although we have a beautiful facility and location, the reality is that we are not too far from Johannesburg and that means stiff competition. A lot of Vaal Triangle clients travel to Johannesburg for work, and we want to ensure these clients experience convenience and that we remain their preferred Service Dealership.

“As with all manufacturers, we were not immune to the effects of COVID-19, it came with a set of challenges that we had to navigate, including the economic decline and stock shortages. We are invested in the success of our dealership despite the challenges.

The management team at Sovereign BMW: In front are Chantel Krugess (Parts Manager), Saleema Sheik (Financial Manager) and Monique Kruger (Finance and Insurance Manager). At the back are Roy Da Costa (Sales Manager - Pre Owned Vehicles), Gelmer Mulder (Service Manager), Shernel Mouton (DP) and Mubeen Fakir (Sales Manager).

“A positive trend in the used vehicle market has been observed, and I believe it is owing to stock constraints in terms of new cars in the market. It seems to be taking a turn, and we are excited to see our new vehicle availability increase again, she tells Dealerlfoor.

“We do not believe in just selling vehicles, parts and services – there is a definite focus on becoming a landmark in our community and truly making a difference in the Vaal Triangle. Since I joined as Dealer Principal in June 2020, this message is something imbedded in my team.

We are currently involved in a co-sponsorship with Vaaliesweb, an organisation that assists school children in maths and which recently hosted the Mathematics Ambassadors Inauguration where learners are given recognition for exceptional results. We remain involved throughout the year as these kids, in turn, empower others and it really becomes something they aspire to.

“There are open days and what we call Ladies Wellness Days that include activities varying from yoga to anti-high-jacking courses and teaching women how to change a flat tyre. Our involvement stretches over different levels in our community, and we are always looking for opportunities to play a part in the lives of the people of the Vaal Triangle,” says Shernel.

The dealership is co-sponsoring an organisation that assists school children in maths and recently hosted the Mathematics Ambassadors Inauguration.

And is it still ‘strange’ for some people to see a woman in such a position in what was once considered ‘a man’s world’?

“I suppose there will always be a bit of a stigma although it is something that never concerns me. In a society, we will always be given labels because of appearance, gender, etc. In my career, my focus has always been to learn from whomever I can; give my absolute all to my work and let my skills set speak for itself.

“I have always been hungry for growth. My concern has never been to prove I can do it better than a man. I have been in this industry since I was 20 years old and come from humble beginnings. I am extremely experienced in the premium sector and have a love for business.

Ladies Wellness days are hosted at the dealership and include yoga classes.

“We have other females in our management team like my Parts Manager, Financial Manager as well as Finance and Insurance Manager, all ladies with the same mentality I have. We care about getting the job done and do not focus on gender.

“Our management team has diversity, and I lead a fantastic group of committed and talented men and women. Without my team, I would not be able to celebrate my success,” she remarks.

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