Stick to the basics, says winning dealer

Kia Edenvale, the overall winner of the 2022 Kia Dealer of the Year Awards, has two rules – discipline and making sure the basics are done well.

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“We are privileged to have won the award, which takes into account our performance across all the departments and aspects of the business,” says Scott Skinner who has been the Dealer Principal at Kia Edenvale since April 2021.

“With back to basics our emphasis is on getting prospective customers to experience our vehicles first hand with test drives. This happens either when they visit the dealership or in most instances, when we take the vehicle to them for a test drive.

“An important part of this process is not only passion for the brand, but passion for people. I believe to motivate and inspire our staff through, amongst other things, training to equip them with skills and knowledge. This, in turn, manifests itself through excellent customer service, and the importance of happy customers can never be underestimated. The customer is King,” Scott tells Dealerfloor.

The management team at Kia Edenvale is Hayleigh Wheeler (Accountant), Zeyn Karolia (New Vehicle Sales Manager), Kenneth Barnes (Workshop Manager), Scott Skinner (DP), Nkululeko Bomvana (Parts Manager), Gordon Andrew (Used Vehicle Sales Manager), Sibongile Moalusi (Finance Manager) and Steven Whitehorn (Finance Manager).

Asked about the importance of the “getting bums into seats” approach when potential buyers are more knowledgeable and informed, Scott says it is not only about the personal contact but also to showcase their products as many buyers are up- or downscaling for various reasons.

“A number of economic realities factor into people’s decision making when buying a new vehicle and that also applies to the used car segment. People are more careful and want bang for their buck. Kia’s top-rated new vehicle warranties and service plans are well-known, and on the used side at the Kia Confidence pre-owned division, we also ensure a quality offering with Deckra-certified vehicles,” Scott says.

“The shortage of new vehicle stock remains a challenge, but in the meantime, we have a number of new products coming like, most recently, the new Kia Sportage launched locally. To our advantage is our broad spectrum of vehicle ranges that cover a vast number of segments, and a customer will always be able to find something to his or her liking with us.”

Kia South Africa’s Dealer of the Year, Kia Edenvale.

Scott says they are proud of winning the category for Fleet Dealer of the Year, which contributes to their overall success in the awards. “We were recognised for the manner in which we look after our fleet customers and also added new ones from our surrounding businesses and industrial areas with the K2700 pick-up, spearheading the effort.”

Scott, with many years of motor retail experience behind his name, was involved in the travel industry before joining the world of motoring. He worked his way up and served as DP at various Hyundai and then Kia dealerships over the years. Before being appointed as DP at Kia Edenvale, he was with Kia in Wonderboom.

And the final thought from Scott centres on his firm belief in passion for people. “We are driven by energy and motivation. It gives people a sense of purpose and the focus to work. If we are energised, customers can feel and experience it,” he says.

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