Rola Volvo’s hard work pays off with top award

When you refocus your energy on where it matters, results will follow.

22 Volvo Rola Ryan1

Establishing a brand and taking it to new heights takes time. Getting all the building blocks into place, does not happen overnight.

And when you have all your ducks in a row, you are set on a winning path and in this case awarded the Volvo Dealer of the Year in South Africa as well as the award for the Best Sales Department. Not an easy feat against 22 other Volvo dealerships some with a huge reputation and name in this competition.

Ron Frewen, former DP at Rola Volvo, and Ryan Chapman, the current DP at Rola Volvo, with the trophies the dealership has won.

A challenge Rola Volvo Somerset West took to heart the last couple of years with Rob Frewen at the helm as Dealer Principal (DP) and Ryan Chapman as Sales Manager, both at the forefront of the drive to become the best.

Rob has since semi-retired and is now taking an interest in the Rola Honda dealership, while Ryan has just been appointed as the new DP at Rola Volvo Cars Somerset West.

“We had to focus to the point where we did not leave a stone unturned to be the best in all aspects of the business. We are totally customer-centric in our approach with attention being paid to the smallest of details. The aim is solely to give every single customer more than just an experience, but a journey with us,” Ryan tells Dealerfloor.

While your Volvo is receiving a “pedicure” of its own, you can relax at the Rola Volvo Spa with a range of Spa treatments at your disposal.

Ryan says he has been with the Rola Volvo Cars Somerset West since 2015 and has a passion for the brand. Asked about being behind the wheel so to speak, he says looking after all the departments and the dealership in its totality, is surely a next level experience. “I now have to direct my energy and focus on optimising each department and staff member where, in the past, the main focus was just on the selling side.

“Rob was a mentor, and I intend to give it my all to retain the status as the best Volvo dealership in the country. We thought we could win with all systems in place, performing optimally, but were not sure. It came as a surprise and it is recognition for a job well done, and more importantly, done exceptionally well,” Ryan says.

“Getting closely involved with customers also makes them experience and realise how committed to excellent service we are. By word of mouth the message spreads and it is a powerful medium. I consider our sales staff as transport brokers. Our brand attracts captains of industry. You have to be on top of your game, professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of the product and business.”

Volvo customers are pampered while they wait for their vehicle to be serviced.

With a slogan “Committed to you”, at Rola Volvo they don’t make use of service advisors and rather work on a personal service technician (PST) concept, where the technicians deal directly with the customers. “By doing so, the interaction is more personal and more efficient,” says Ryan.

“Having that personal approach, we thought why not have a fully functional Spa at the dealership so our customers can come and enjoy some personal relaxing time while their vehicles are being serviced. Options range from mani- and pedicures to full body, Indian and Swedish massages. As far as I am aware, it is the first of its kind in a vehicle dealership, Ryan tells Dealerfloor.

“We are excited about the future, and with an all-electric future, if I may add, we are well set with a multitude of new products coming our way in the foreseeable future. We are a prestigious brand, and we will go out of our way to deliver an equally prestigious experience,” Ryan concludes.

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