Midbay Motors adds Jeep, Opel to portfolio

Jeep and Opel are expanding their presence in KwaZulu-Natal, joining the Midbay Motors dealership in Richard’s Bay.

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The well-established facility already exists as a Peugeot and Citroën dealer, and the expansion forms part of Stellantis’s dealer network strategy to make these exciting brands more accessible to customers in KZN.

Midbay Motors is a successful dealer group in Richard’s Bay, representing a number of automotive brands. The facility will also expand during the month to cater for Fiat servicing, adding convenience for existing customers in the area.

Midbay Motors will now also include Jeep and Opel in Richard’s Bay, KZN.

“We’re excited to amplify our brand presence in KwaZulu-Natal as we build our relationship with Midbay Motors and offer improved accessibility to the Jeep and Opel brands with added convenience for Fiat customers,” says Leslie Ramsoomar (Managing Director Stellantis South Africa). “This is yet another step forward for our customers and part of our broader plans to grow our representation across the country.”

Dealer Principal, Jenine Yiannakakis, is looking forward to adding more offerings from the facility. “Adding Jeep and Opel to our existing Peugeot and Citroën offerings allows us to attract a wider variety of customers and provides an opportunity for our existing customers to stay within our dealer family,” says Jenine. “We are an intrinsic part of the community, and we’re here to serve motorists in our town and its surrounds.”

Midbay Motors now caters for all your Peugeot, Citroën, Jeep and Opel needs as well as Fiat servicing.

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