Ironman 4x4 opens in Rola Motor City

South Africans love the outdoors and a 4x4 fitment centre is the place where you can get your vehicle transformed into an off-the-grid home away from home, making it possible to explore unspoiled parts of the country away from cell phone reception where you can reconnect with your family and friends.

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So says Hendrik de Kock, Manager at Ironman 4x4, a new Ironman 4x4 Platinum retail outlet and fitment centre from the well-known Aussie brand in South Africa.

Although Ironman products have been around for many years in South Africa, the brand has grown a lot in the last few years, and with the new store we aim to make it more accessible to the people in the Helderberg area. The centre is next to the new Toyota dealership in Rola Motor City in the Western Cape and opened its doors in April.

“Our speciality is suspensions and preparing a vehicle for overland trips. This takes on different forms with a complete, new suspension provided by Ironman, tried and tested to carry extra weight and enhanced off-road capabilities.

Hendrik de Kock, the manager at the new Ironman 4x4 centre at Rola Motor City.

“Our specially designed Pro-forged upper control arms are part of the suspension modifications, lending more stability and greater wheel travel and enhancing better wheel alignment qualities too. Also high on the list are bumpers (front and rear) and Auxiliary battery systems installed on the vehicle. Our front bumpers are designed to be airbag-certified so that this vital safety equipment does not become problematic by going off unnecessarily.”

Our aim is to help our clients transform their vehicles to go and explore nature with their families and still have the comforts they are used to, like a hot shower in the morning and a warm bed to sleep in at night. This is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to holidaying abroad, Hendrik tells Dealerfloor.

Some of the Ironman suspension parts that can transform your bakkie or SUV.

Asked about possible reasons for the uptake in this kind of leisure activity, Hendrik reckons that notwithstanding the cost aspect to equip a vehicle, it becomes a holiday for the family. “People can travel anywhere and with the added equipment basically stay in and around the vehicle. Our product range from different manufacturers covers all aspects of transforming a standard bakkie or SUV into a holiday on wheels.”

The cost of many conversions and extra accessories is often included in the vehicle’s price and financed as a whole making it easier to get the vehicle in shape for trips to come. “Our equipment has its own warranty, and the carefully crafted parts and quality play a vital role its popularity,” he says.

Ironman 4x4s fully equipped bakkie at the new fitment centre.
The new Ironman suspension parts installed and at work.

Hendrik, who has a technical background in the cycling industry, says he is privileged to make his hobby – overlanding and the outdoors – his career now. “I love to go out to untouched places and explore where few others do.

“My idea of a great camping spot is where you can sit back and the only sounds you hear are the crackling of the fire and the chirping of the birds and being woken up in the middle of the night by the call of a jackal or the roar of a lion in the distance,” Hendrik says.

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