Following the high-tech route to ensure success

Through clever tech and an outbound call-centre, the Renault Springfield dealership was able to claim the title of “Dealer of the Year” in the large dealership category from the manufacturer.

Renau Springf1

The independent Carter Dealerships’ network has two Renault dealerships, one in Springfield, KwaZulu-Natal, and the other in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg. The directors of Carter Dealerships are Vikash Govindjee, Amit Bhola and Allen Poultney.

Dealerfloor spoke to Sugan Moodley, General Manager, at the award-winning Renault Springfield dealership about the achievement and their use of technology to modernise and streamline the complete car-buying experience.

Vikesh Mothilal (Sales Manager of the Year), Allen Poultney (Director), Merchia Els (Service Advisor Finalist), Deon Jugdewo (Parts Manager Finalist), Sugan Moodley (General Manager) and Vikash Govindjee (CEO/Founder).

“What makes our way of selling new cars unique, is our own call centre for this dealership. We have 12 specialists, and all enquiries from our marketing platforms are redirected to them. They take care of the complete process from financing to the delivery of the new vehicle to your doorstep. Unlike other call centres, you will always be connected to the same person who will become your partner in the process and even thereafter.

“We do by far the majority, as much as around 90%, of our new vehicle sales through our call centre. On average, the process can be completed within a day, and availability and delivery of the vehicle depend on where in the country the customer is based. Our record for a complete transaction is six hours,” Sugan tells us.

Sugan Moodley, GM at Carter Renault Springfield.

And what about trade-ins? “Up to 80% of our customers are first-time buyers and trade-ins do not pose serious challenges to our processes. If a trade-in is part of the deal, we will contract a reputable specialist to go and evaluate the car and then act accordingly. All trade-in vehicles, no matter where they are, come back to our dealership.

And do the low trade-in numbers not have an effect on the pre-owned side of the business? “Our focus is first and foremost on selling new vehicles. The prestigious award we have just won, is testimony to that fact,” he says.

The dealership’s winning team.

“Our dealership, which opened its doors in March 2020, is brand new, and we have already established a solid reputation for our After Sales department. We provide excellent service like organising an Uber to take customers back to work or home after they delivered their vehicles for servicing at the dealership. We also pick up vehicles for servicing. Needless to say, excellent customer service in all aspects of the business is the secret to our success.

“On our showroom floor we have what we call Product Geniuses to assist walk-in customers and take them through the A-Z of each vehicle with product knowledge second to none. At the dealership, our staff component is a team of 13 people. We operate as one team with everyone in all departments working closely together to achieve the same goal.”

Sugan is a knowledgeable motor-industry expert with years of experience in both the new and pre-owned space.

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