FAW honours its top dealerships in SA

FAW Trucks South Africa recently wrapped up its much-awaited Dealer Conference for 2024, which was held in KwaZulu-Natal.

24 FAW1

Hosted by the FAW head office team, the event united some 35 dealer representatives nationwide for a day dedicated to strategic planning, networking and celebration.

The annual conference agenda commenced with discussions centred on network expansion, sales strategies and the introduction of new generational models in the pipeline. The session provided a platform for dealers to align their individual goals and objectives with the overall brand direction for the 2024 period, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among the FAW Trucks South Africa network.

The FAW Trucks South Africa Dealer of the Year Awards ceremony recognises and honours top-performing dealerships across various categories.

FAW Richards Bay, Middelburg, Ermelo and Eswatini - ETTC Group.
FAW Johannesburg South – ELT Group.

The flagship award of the evening was the “FAW Trucks South Africa Dealer of the Year 2023” and was presented to FAW Johannesburg South, acknowledging their exceptional performance and commitment to excellence.

FAW Ermelo secured the “FAW Trucks South Africa Aftersales Dealer of the Year 2023” award, showcasing their outstanding service to and support of the customer network.

The “FAW Trucks South Africa Flagship JH6 Champion of the Year 2023” award was claimed by FAW Johannesburg South, highlighting their success in promoting and selling the flagship JH6 model.

FAW Rosslyn - BB Group.
FAW Bloemfontein.

Lastly, FAW Paarl was recognised as the “FAW Trucks South Africa Most Improved Dealer 2023” for their significant growth and development over the past year.

“We are immensely proud of our dealer network and its unwavering dedication to the FAW Trucks brand,” says Jian Yang, FAW Trucks SA CEO. “The Dealer Conference 2024 not only provided a platform to strategise and plan for the future but also allowed us to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our dealers. We congratulate all our dealer representatives on their remarkable contribution over the past year and look forward to another successful year ahead.”

  • FAW Trucks SA has etched its name in the chronicles of South Africa’s automotive industry over the past 30 years. Among its standout accomplishments is the construction of a cutting-edge manufacturing plant in Coega, Port Elizabeth. This sprawling 30 000 square metre facility, built at a staggering cost of R600 million, is one of the largest investments by a Chinese company in the country. FAW Trucks SA’s Coega plant marked milestones in 2021 and 2022. In April 2021, the 7 000th locally assembled vehicle rolled out. The following year, the 10 000th unit came off the line. The company also celebrated success with its Flagship JH6 28.500FT model, which was launched in 2021. It hit record sales in 2023 with the 1000th JH6 unit being sold.

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