Customer surprise at Nate’s Car Sales with new X55s

Customer service was taken to a new high when two clients were surprised with an all expenses paid trip from East-London to attend the launch of BAIC’s new X55 in Johannesburg recently.

22nate SUV1

They were accompanied by the owner and Dealer Principal of BAIC in the city, Nate Padayachee, and the dealership’s manager, Manolito Knock.

But for the two buyers of BAIC’s new X55 SUV, Tembinkosi Bityo and his wife Cwayita, and Ivan Newman, the surprise did not end there.

The nice surprise waiting for the first customers of BAIC’s new X55 Beijing SUV.

On arrival back from the airport, it was straight to the dealership where their families joined in and both clients’ cars were delivered there and then. They were only expecting delivery at a later stage.

Ivan has bought BAIC vehicles from Nate’s Car Sales before and took delivery of a yellow X55 Dynamic, while the Bityo family received their maroon X55 Premium.

Tembinkosi Bityo, Manolito Knock, Nate Padayachee, Cwayita Bityo and some family members in front at the function.

“It really felt like a dream come true to be able to attend the launch of the vehicle and for us to be able to sell it, as well as the buyers to buy it,” remarked Nate on the event. “We surprised them with their vehicle delivery straight after we landed. The families and even a dog joined us for this occasion and special moment.

Nate says they’ve sold eight BAIC Beijing X55s to date since the launch of the new model and all the transactions were financed through ABSA. “We even made our sign and new slogan ‘Nate’s Car Sales Powered by ABSA’, and we are truly honoured by this,” he says.

Sniffing the new vehicles (or the food table), Shelby the dog, Sonia Slabbert, Nate Padayachee, Ivan Newman and Manolito Knock.
The Congratulations Board - Proudly financed by ABSA.
The East London team having fun at the launch event of the new BAIC X55 in Johannesburg.

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