Being multi-skilled gets the job done

To be a Service Manager at a dealership, the job requires a multi-skilled individual who has the technical ability of an auto technician, is comfortable conversing with customers and who comes up with new ideas to increase customer satisfaction, thereby buying loyalty and improving profitability.

Sean Govender Morgan Nissan

Morgan Nissan Northcliff possibly hit the jackpot with the appointment of go-getter Sean Govender, a man with ample experience in the auto industry, just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit our South African shores. As a trained technician with the natural ability to understand and interpret data, together with a flair for dealing with customers, Govender has already made an impact at Morgan Nissan Northcliff.

“I often hear people say one should think outside the box. Personally, I am more of a throw-the-box-away person who believes you should never limit yourself,” he recently told Dealerfloor.

The pandemic and various levels of lockdowns had a negative effect on the business, as with most, but Govender’s never-say-die attitude, tied-in with his experience and extended network, immediately made it possible to be a registered supplier of vehicle services to the so-called essential cars of health and security workers. “We are able to service fleets like that of the police, which made it possible to keep on working during hard lockdown and beyond,” he said.

“Since we are mainly in the business of selling time, effective and efficient service times in the workshop are essential to keep customers happy and loyal. With cars mostly at the workshop for half a day to a whole day, we try to provide additional services like injector cleaning, re-gassing of air conditioners, wheel alignment and repairing windscreen chips and polishing the car to its former glossy exterior,” he explained.

Sean Govender
Sean Govender, Service Manager at Morgan Nissan Northcliff.

Convenience of servicing your car on a Saturday

According to Govender, one of the new initiatives at the workshop is to provide services on a Saturday. “I can honestly say that, apart from the full support from the technicians, the customers have responded brilliantly to this,” he said. “In an age where convenience is king, we at Morgan Nissan Northcliff took it to heart to adopt a mind-set change, putting in more than what we get out to keep our doors open.”

After 18 years with Nissan End Street in the Johannesburg CBD, Govender is extremely happy with his team at Morgan. “I have a very strong team in the workshop so that the workflow is exceptional and contributes a great deal towards satisfied customers,” he said.

“Everything we currently do and what we are planning for the year to come, is aimed at getting new customers to become regular customers,” he concluded.

Govender is happily married and has three kids. He also has a small, but meaningful model car collection, which he proudly displays in his office.

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