All in one service at Ford Dealerships

Ford is creating a one-stop-shop at its dealerships that from now on will include the sale of batteries, brakes and tyres, all genuine Ford parts.

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Customer experience does not end when a vehicle is purchased from a dealership. By offering a widespread selection of Ford genuine parts like batteries and brakes, any customer can book in their car, confident in the knowledge that the correct parts will be fitted without delay or concern, says Ford.

With many vehicles parked for extended periods of time during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, regular vehicle servicing and repairs may have been neglected. It is therefore exceptionally important that customers have their vehicle’s battery, tyres and brakes checked, and are aware of the difference that genuine Ford parts can make.

Ford dealerships can conduct a fully computerised battery test and if any fault is found, they can install the right battery for the vehicle. Each Original Equipment battery features the latest technology, design and engineering for peak performance in all conditions, aimed at meeting the car’s requirements. Not many customers are aware that fitting a correct OE battery can also improve fuel efficiency - as an incorrect or poor performing battery can lead to inefficiencies of fuel injectors and other components.

Brakes are a key safety feature and Ford genuine brake pads have been designed and tested to provide the best braking performance with potentially life-saving results. Compared to non-OE brake pads, Ford genuine brake pads are tested within the strictest specifications including temperature resistance and longevity. This also means that the customer does not incur additional costs down the line which may have been caused by deteriorating brakes or incorrect fitment.

It is important to replace your tyres in a timely manner and participating Ford dealerships, with a growing national rollout coming soon, are the best place to do so according to the manufacturer.

Technicians at these Ford dealerships will help you understand how your personal driving style and tyre maintenance habits can contribute to tyre wear. They will determine whether you require new tyres and help you spot the tread wear indicators, which appear across the tread as a sign of deterioration. They know which tyres are best for your vehicle and will help you choose the recommended tyres that deliver the precise size, speed and load ratings for your Ford vehicle.

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