BMW Bryanston hosts ultra-run for cancer

BMW Bryanston (JSN Motors) recently hosted the finishers of the inaugural Filotimo Ultra Marathon of Honour hosted by the Machi Filotimo Cancer Project, celebrating the many people affected by cancer.

BMW Bryanston1

The 104km distance was led by brand ambassador Temotio “Timo” Jacopo and started around 20 km from the Morula Sun in Mokopane.

Charlene Collins, BMW Corporate Sales manager, says BMW Bryanston (JSN Motors) is serious about its commitment to community involvement and are super proud about being a partner on the day.

“Apart from being the official finishing line, we provided safety vehicles for back-up along the route. The additional support from our clients in raising funds for the project was amazing,” she told Dealerfloor.

Temotio “Timo” Jacopo is welcomed as he finishes the 104 km race to raise funds for cancer care.

The drive behind the event, Evy Michalopoulos, started the Machi Filotimo project to create awareness around the struggle and fight of cancer patients after being witness to her own mother’s fight against ovarian cancer.

“Our purpose is to create awareness about cancer, to educate on early detection and to render palliative care to cancer patients. Together with our valued partners like BMW Bryanston (JSN Motors), we work in all areas related to addressing cancer control objectives in order to take care of patients with cancer and support families of survivors,” Evy said. “By running this distance, Timo is exhibiting the strength and endurance epitomised by the journey of a cancer sufferer.”

Timo finished the race in under 12 hours, raising funds for the fight against blood disorders and to help save lives.

To make a contribution to this project, please visit the following website for more information: or go to for more information on this project.

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